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Battlefield 1 Review

Battlefield 1 Review

by Eric Davison February 25, 2017
Get ready for war Battlefield 1 is nothing like the other World War 1 games; it wastes no time at getting to the point. You can clearly hear the terrifying screams of a burning human at the beginning in the Argonne Forest at the start of every multiplayer game. The focus of this great game […]

Trials HD: Evolution – A High Octane Thriller

by Eric Davison January 9, 2017
Critics' Choice
Shifting over 2 million copies on Xbox Live Arcade, Trials HD was in the five best-selling games ever on Microsoft’s arcade game market. RedLynx certainly set the bar high when they created this octane-fuelled masterpiece and left themselves with the extremely difficult, seemingly impossible task of improving on near-perfection for their second Trials HD release, […]


Rules for Pokémon Video Game Championship 2017 Revealed

by Eric Davison December 6, 2016
Play Pokémon finally released the official rules for the 2017 Video Game Championship (VGC) season. While most of the Pokémon battles’ formats remain the same for competitive play, some new rules and playable Pokémon will be shaking up next year’s contest. Just like in previous VGC championships, players will be competing using a double battle […]

Sombra Has Shown Up

by Eric Davison November 6, 2016
Finally, Sombra is coming. Yes, Overwatch has a new hero. Although it is not a big surprise to see Sombra arrive at BlizzCon, right now ARG detectives can have some rest. It seems Blizzard Entertainment has unveiled the deadly hacker character. Her introduction was made through an animated short called Infiltration. The game studio had […]

The Elder Scrolls 6 In The Works, Maybe…

by Eric Davison October 29, 2016
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The Elder Scrolls – A Game for the Adventurous If you’re a gamer who loves classic role-playing games, then you need to play The Elder Scrolls. The Elder Scrolls is a series of classic role-playing open fantasy world games with adventures that make the Lord of the Rings Trilogy look like a chick flick. There […]


9 of the Best GBA Games Ever Made

by Eric Davison October 27, 2016
Sandwiched between the Game Boy Color and the Nintendo DS, the Game Boy Advance did not last long in video game years. But what the handheld console lacked in longevity, it more than made up for in the style and substance of the more than 1,000 titles released on the platform. Read on to discover […]

Westworld Pilot Review

by Eric Davison October 7, 2016
Editor's Choice
With Game of Thrones about to end on its upcoming season, HBO is in dire need of a new hit. Because of all the modern shows that we see, it’s quite rare to have a westernized setting when it comes to a TV series. But Westworld takes it one step further.  But does it live […]


Destiny: Rise of Iron Flame Out

by Eric Davison October 4, 2016
The latest installment of the popular Destiny video game series, Destiny: Rise of Iron, was released on September 20, 2016. The Destiny series is an online first-person shooter set 700 years in the future, in Old Russia. It is a mythic science-fiction world. If you’re wondering “Is the plot of this game, interesting?” Yes, the […]