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Best Civ for Every Victory Type

Civilization VI – Best Civ for Every Victory Type

by Dimitrije Stankovon January 4, 2017
Critics' Choice
Play your way As you already may or may not know there are 4 ways of achieving victory in new Sid Meier’s game. Unlike the last game, Civ V, where there was no Religion victory, in Civ VI that is a viable option. Along side Religion victory there are also 3 more victory conditions that […]
Best Civ for Every Victory Type

Civilization VI – First Impressions

by Dimitrije Stankovon December 31, 2016
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A bit late but still relevant The newest installment in the well known Civilization series, Civilization VI has been out for more than 2 month now. However, I haven’t had a chance to dive into the game in manner it deserves until couple of days ago. That was the time I decided to quit avoiding […]

walking dead a new frontier season 3

‘The Walking Dead: A New Frontier’ Season 3 ‘Ties That Bind’ Part 1 & 2 Plot Review & Spoilers: Clementine’s Fate, Paul ‘Jesus’ Monroe Is In The Game!

by Jai Sabharwalon December 22, 2016
Critics' Choice
December 20, 2016 marked the starting of Telltale’s next epic survival horror adventure with the Walking Dead: A New Frontier Season 3 “Ties That Bind.” And, boy we had a blast in the first and second part released since the choice-based cinematic game’s arrival. Once again, with the arrival of the new part, we come […]

Heroic Brawl

Hearthstone – Heroic Brawl Overview

by Dimitrije Stankovon November 27, 2016
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As you all probably already know Hearthstone, Blizzards take on Card Collecting genre, which was released about 3 years ago brought us something completely new and unseen before. What is Heroic Brawl? Well, first of all I ought to use past simple tense as you can’t play this gamemode anymore. Heroic Brawl was, as the […]

Smite – Thoth God Reveal

by Dimitrije Stankovon November 13, 2016
Flavor Award
Like every 2 months, this time too, we’ve got yet another brand new God. This time around the Arbiter of the Damned joins the battleground and in this article we’re gonna be taking an in depth look at his kit. Basic God Overview Thoth is the latest ranged Egyptian mage and as such his default […]

t26e5 patriot

World of Tanks – T26E5 Patriot First Look

by Dimitrije Stankovon November 12, 2016
Critics' Choice
Usuall Introduction words T26E5 Patriot is the latest premium add on to the American tank family. At its core T26E5 is a combination of a popular T32 and premium Pershing iteration. This of course meants that it’s a tier 8 tank, in class of heavy tank line but with some great medium tank characteristics. Officially […]
AMX M4 mle. 49 Liberté

World of Tanks AMX M4 mle. 49 Liberté – Tank Preview

by Dimitrije Stankovon November 6, 2016
Flavor Award
Introduction words AMX M4 mle. 49 Liberté is the newest member of World of Tanks premium family. It seems like the theme Wargaming is going for with the last couple of premium tank additions is to make vehicles that are paid with hard currency a lot more competitive. So competitive that one could argue too […]

World Championship

Hearthstone World Championship 2016

by Dimitrije Stankovon October 30, 2016
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Like last year, this year too, BlizzCon event will accompany Hearthstone’s final – World Championship tournament. The stakes finalists will be brawling for are as high as always. Prize pool is whooping 1 million USD. This will of course be shared among 16 title contenders. The first seated, champion will go home with 250k USD […]