Alienware 13 Gaming Laptop Review

Alienware 13 Gaming Laptop review

by Eric Davison September 6, 2016
Users of Alienware were very pleased with the arrival of the OLED panel which was on the cards for some time. Finally arriving, it has turned out to be all that was promised and then more, according to serious gamers. Colors are now incredibly vivid and the sound quality has been improved substantially. In an […]

New HP Omen Accessories Revealed

by IamArfason August 25, 2016
Crazy Awesome!
New Curved Display and accessories were revealed by HP last week following the release of the new Omen desktop and laptop. The first from the HP family to include the Nvidia G-Sync technology on its monitors, the HP X Curved Display allows users to get a smooth gameplay and wide viewing angles. Along with the […]