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Pete's Dragon

Pete’s Dragon – Movie Review

by Dimitrije Stankovon November 19, 2016
Few introduction words Pete’s Dragon is one of the latest Walt Disney movies. It tells a story of a young boy that finds his living sanctuary in form of a mythical forest dragon. In this article I’m gonna be telling you everything you ought to know before spending your hard earned currency. Besides that I’ll […]

Westworld Pilot Review

by Eric Davison October 7, 2016
Editor's Choice
With Game of Thrones about to end on its upcoming season, HBO is in dire need of a new hit. Because of all the modern shows that we see, it’s quite rare to have a westernized setting when it comes to a TV series. But Westworld takes it one step further.  But does it live […]
sully review

Sully Review: The heroic story overcoming skepticism

by Jai Sabharwalon September 28, 2016
Best of 2016
For the emergence of any situation, we need a certain set of conditions. And, these conditions need precision. Sully shows a similar experience, where the passengers survive the US Airways Flight 1549 . The movie, a true story, shows the loss of both the plane’s engines due to a strike by a flock of birds. Furthermore, […]

Josh Hutchinson of Future Man

‘Future Man’ – Seth Rogen’s Video Game Comedy

by Eric Davison September 17, 2016
Editor's Choice
In Seth Rogen’s newest TV pilot Future Man, Josh Hutcherson is a janitor (and gamer) who travels through time to save humanity. A New Type of TV? A few years ago, this premise / collaboration seemed out of place. But with the rise of Netflix and Hulu, the ways we watch our favorite shows is […]

The Magnificent Seven: guns, bigger guns, and machine guns.

by Ciubotaru Eduardon September 15, 2016
Plot: The action takes place in the Old West town of Rose Krick in the 1870s, shortly after the Civil War. The town is controlled and terrorized by a mining magnate Bartholomew Bogue, played by Peter Sarsgaard. The industrialist goes too far when he shoots a man dead in the streets. The wife of the victim coalizes the […]

Toro: a Spanish mafia movie that tangos with danger

by Ciubotaru Eduardon September 13, 2016
Storyline: A young man named Toro (“Bull”) lived the life of a mobster at the right side of Don Romano in Torremolinos, Málaga (Andalusia, south to Spain), but now he wants out to live a life free of crime. Before he cashes out, he does a last mission for Romano alongside his brothers, but things […]
Don't Breathe Review

Don’t Breathe review: Bewilderment like you never imagined

by Jai Sabharwalon September 9, 2016
Best of 2016
Looking at the latest horror flick of the year, Don’t Breathe could nail the best horror film title. While watching the movie, we come across an unforeseeable setup. It doesn’t offer a stereotypical home-invasion thriller that we have seen in the past. The reason behind it is that the antagonist deflects its path from the usual roles as […]
Ice Age: Collision Course

Ice Age: Collision Course – Movie Review

by Dimitrije Stankovon August 31, 2016
Editor's Choice
What is Ice Age: Collision Course Ice Age: Collision Course is the fifth installment in the Ice Age franchise. This time around the well known world is faces with a great threat that is about to destroy every living thing on and under its surface. And there’s only one animal to blame, the demented acorn […]

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Best of 2016
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Best of 2016
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