The Magnificent Seven: guns, bigger guns, and machine guns.

by Ciubotaru Eduardon September 15, 2016
Plot: The action takes place in the Old West town of Rose Krick in the 1870s, shortly after the Civil War. The town is controlled and terrorized by a mining magnate Bartholomew Bogue, played by Peter Sarsgaard. The industrialist goes too far when he shoots a man dead in the streets. The wife of the victim coalizes the […]

Why the Warcraft Movie Doesn’t Deserve Such a Bad Wrap

by Eric Davison August 17, 2016
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While Warcraft the movie, which released June 10, may have gotten quite a few negative reviews from a lot of the professionals, it did well with many average viewers and a close evaluation by me shows that the creators did quite a bit right. Although it’s far from the best movie of the summer, it […]