Pete's Dragon

Pete’s Dragon – Movie Review

by Dimitrije Stankovon November 19, 2016
Few introduction words Pete’s Dragon is one of the latest Walt Disney movies. It tells a story of a young boy that finds his living sanctuary in form of a mythical forest dragon. In this article I’m gonna be telling you everything you ought to know before spending your hard earned currency. Besides that I’ll […]
Ice Age: Collision Course

Ice Age: Collision Course – Movie Review

by Dimitrije Stankovon August 31, 2016
Editor's Choice
What is Ice Age: Collision Course Ice Age: Collision Course is the fifth installment in the Ice Age franchise. This time around the well known world is faces with a great threat that is about to destroy every living thing on and under its surface. And there’s only one animal to blame, the demented acorn […]

The Jungle Book (2016): Relive the memories of the classic with realistic CGI

by Jai Sabharwalon August 23, 2016
Editor's Choice
People love movies – especially, the ones which leave an afterimage of a powerful emotion in their minds. A majority of us have favorite movies. And, we would never want them to be reproduced just to visualize a new look due to technological advancements in the film industry. And, then there are people on the […]