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Pete’s Dragon – Movie Review

by on November 19, 2016

103 minutes

Production Studios

Walt Disney Productions


-Great animation
-Good cast
-Family friendly
-Touchy at moments


-An interesting idea boringly portrait
-Cliche 'hold your breath' ending
-Pales to bring any excitement

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Bottom Line

While Pete's Dragon has a lot going for it, the overall execution of, on the paper, interesting story doesn't meet the expectations. If you're looking for a relaxing, family time then this movie might be worth considering but in all other cases you're in for a long hour and a half...


Few introduction words

Pete’s Dragon is one of the latest Walt Disney movies. It tells a story of a young boy that finds his living sanctuary in form of a mythical forest dragon. In this article I’m gonna be telling you everything you ought to know before spending your hard earned currency. Besides that I’ll share my thoughts about the film but do NOTE that there WILL BE SPOILERS in certain article segments. So, you’re warned!

General story overview


Who saw this coming? Hmm, everyone?

The story begins with a 5 years old child that’s about to go on his first adventure with his parents. In the opening scenes all of this gets shattered as they experience a car accident in which, of course, only child – Pete survives. Finding himself alone in a thick New Zealand forest Pete gets ambushed by a pack of hungry wolves. All that to be saved by an ancient green dragon.

Well, nothing unusual for Disney so far

The years go by and the child and dragon live in harmony which looks like it can’t be disturbed by anything. Of course this being the Disney movie something must and will go south. One day, when Pete was about 10 years old, a woman – Grace (played by breathtakingly beautiful Bruce Dallas Howard) who’s the keeper of the forest goes on her daily routine. At that time Pete was in her vicinity, carefully tracking every move she makes. The very next day Pete stumbles upon her ‘daughter’ with who he experience his first human interaction in years. The following is a boring and extremely predictable twist.


After his encounter with Natalie, Pete gets himself caught and trapped in a hospital from which he escapes only to get caught again and taken into Grace’s home with her husband and Natalie. There Pete finds always needing human love and gets emotionally connected with his new family. All that time not wanting to abandon his dragon friend (which by the way acts more like a flying dog that can turn invisible and breathe fire), Pete goes with his new friends in search for the dragon. Upon finding him, a random group of people, let by a brother of Grace’s husband tries and succeeded to capture this wild beast.

Pete's Dragon

The bad guy with a gun #checked

A happy ending, right?

Well, who saw this coming. After the dragon imprisoning a whole ‘Great escape’ part begins, which is by the way as boring as Disney could have made it. Grace’s father, played by great Robert Redford, who had already seen this green dragon years ago, helps Natalie and Pete in releasing their beloved ‘pet’. Add some particle effects and a 5 minutes long car/truck chase and you don’t even need to watch this part. Everything ends with dragon saving Grace and her husband from foggy ambys drop, which is ‘hold you breath’ moment, or at least is supposed to be. After this Pete flies of on the back of his beast friend only to say farewell to him and go back to live with Grace and his new family.

Pete's Dragon

Yay,! Who saw this coming…

My thoughts

You probably already got my impressions of the movie. Did I maybe mention it’s predictable and not original at all? Well it really really is. Such a shame for throwing this idea and overall good animations trough the window on a driveway. However, this movie still has some value, in the buttom of his boring heart. While it is ‘already seen’ in the world of this genre movies, the ‘good time with family’ potential is there. But only if your family, their younger parts, aren’t older than 10-12 years. In most other situations give Pete’s Dragon a miss and don’t feel like you might be missing on something.

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