Watch Dogs 2 Review

by IamArfason December 5, 2016
Flavor Award
While the original Watch Dogs made you cry over its dull protagonist, Watch Dogs 2 revamps into a colorful environment with a least-caring antihero– Marcus Holloway. Watch Dogs 2 is different from other open-world RPGs. It’s beautifully comprised of various hacking activities and cars to ride around (better than the previous one) and also returns with […]

The Elder Scrolls 6 In The Works, Maybe…

by Eric Davison October 29, 2016
Most Addicting
The Elder Scrolls – A Game for the Adventurous If you’re a gamer who loves classic role-playing games, then you need to play The Elder Scrolls. The Elder Scrolls is a series of classic role-playing open fantasy world games with adventures that make the Lord of the Rings Trilogy look like a chick flick. There […]


Dark Souls 3 Review

by Eric Davison August 16, 2016
Jolt Award
  The third iteration of Dark Souls, sports pure roller-coaster, adrenaline charged, scenery. You plunge into forbidding, unforgiving depths—and wonder after the narrow escape—how you got there in the first place. Much as in the earlier releases of the franchise, that is all par for the course. Yeah, you make take a tumble here and […]


Grim Dawn Review

by Goran Damnjanovicon July 22, 2016
Flavor Award
  When we talk about hack and slash games, like in this Grim Dawn review, Diablo is a logical start of the discussion. Most famous member of ARPG genre it brought revolution back in the good old days of golden age of video games. Spectacular graphics, excellent gameplay and lust for loot had made Diablo […]
Overwatch McCree

Overwatch: McCree Spotlight

by Dimitrije Stankovon July 21, 2016
McCree is the most frequent changed character stats vise. Since launch of Overwatch he’s been altered many times. In some of those he’s just overpowered and other times he’s under performing. However, it seems that Blizzard nailed it right in the latest patch. Before we talk about his abilities and gameplay let’s take a quick […]

Overwatch Bastion

Overwatch: Bastion Spotlight

by Dimitrije Stankovon July 17, 2016
This time around we’ll be taking and in depth look at the most charming hero in the game. Bastion is a cute mech with a strange passion for transformation into death sowing machine. Let’s take a closer look at some of the lesser known facts about Bastion first: General info about Bastion Name: SST Laboratories […]