Rules for Pokémon Video Game Championship 2017 Revealed

by Eric Davison December 6, 2016
Play Pokémon finally released the official rules for the 2017 Video Game Championship (VGC) season. While most of the Pokémon battles’ formats remain the same for competitive play, some new rules and playable Pokémon will be shaking up next year’s contest. Just like in previous VGC championships, players will be competing using a double battle […]

What I think of Nintendo’s Future

by IamArfason December 2, 2016
Nintendo Switch, with an entirely new concept which made even the pundits predict a twist in console gaming, will be out on 2017. Nintendo’s trying hard to take over the gaming industry for more than a few years. We all would have played Super Mario, which we could call as ‘the father of games’, is […]