Battlefield 1 Review

Battlefield 1 Review

by Eric Davison February 25, 2017
Get ready for war Battlefield 1 is nothing like the other World War 1 games; it wastes no time at getting to the point. You can clearly hear the terrifying screams of a burning human at the beginning in the Argonne Forest at the start of every multiplayer game. The focus of this great game […]
walking dead a new frontier season 3

‘The Walking Dead: A New Frontier’ Season 3 ‘Ties That Bind’ Part 1 & 2 Plot Review & Spoilers: Clementine’s Fate, Paul ‘Jesus’ Monroe Is In The Game!

by Jai Sabharwalon December 22, 2016
Critics' Choice
December 20, 2016 marked the starting of Telltale’s next epic survival horror adventure with the Walking Dead: A New Frontier Season 3 “Ties That Bind.” And, boy we had a blast in the first and second part released since the choice-based cinematic game’s arrival. Once again, with the arrival of the new part, we come […]


Watch Dogs 2 Review

by IamArfason December 5, 2016
Flavor Award
While the original Watch Dogs made you cry over its dull protagonist, Watch Dogs 2 revamps into a colorful environment with a least-caring antihero– Marcus Holloway. Watch Dogs 2 is different from other open-world RPGs. It’s beautifully comprised of various hacking activities and cars to ride around (better than the previous one) and also returns with […]


Smite – Nike God Reveal

by Dimitrije Stankovon December 3, 2016
Flavor Award
Opening words Nike is the latest god in Hi-Rez’s most popular MOBA game – Smite. Nike is a warrior kitted with some new and till now unseen abilities, primarily passive ability. In Greek mythology Nike was a Goddess of Victory who’s weapon of choice was a two sided axe-spear. Her god model looks absolutely stunning, […]
Fafnir's Winter Wonderland

Smite – Fafnir’s Winter Wonderland

by Dimitrije Stankovon November 20, 2016
Flavor Award
The Winter is Coming! As you already know the seasons are about the change leading us into yet another Winter. As per usual Hi-Rez wants to celebrate this and what’s the better way to do that than to give us a brand new batch of skins as well as some more meaty additions. Fafnir’s Winter […]

walking dead michonne

Walking Dead Michonne Review

by IamArfason November 12, 2016
Telltale has served us with great games having fantastic storylines and characters. The first two Walking Dead series and Tales from Borderlands are some of their finest works. But with Walking Dead Michonne, are they quite up there? We can say yes, partly, because Walking Dead: Michonne gives the same old great gameplay from the […]

The Elder Scrolls 6 In The Works, Maybe…

by Eric Davison October 29, 2016
Most Addicting
The Elder Scrolls – A Game for the Adventurous If you’re a gamer who loves classic role-playing games, then you need to play The Elder Scrolls. The Elder Scrolls is a series of classic role-playing open fantasy world games with adventures that make the Lord of the Rings Trilogy look like a chick flick. There […]


Destiny: Rise of Iron Flame Out

by Eric Davison October 4, 2016
The latest installment of the popular Destiny video game series, Destiny: Rise of Iron, was released on September 20, 2016. The Destiny series is an online first-person shooter set 700 years in the future, in Old Russia. It is a mythic science-fiction world. If you’re wondering “Is the plot of this game, interesting?” Yes, the […]