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Overwatch – Winter Wonderland

by on December 28, 2016

Short Overview

Winter Wonderland is the latest seasonal event in Overewatch which started couple of weeks ago and runs till 2nd day of New Year. This is the second seasonal event, after Summer one of course. Like last one, this too brings a whole pile of brand new exclusive cosmetics (124 to be precise).
-46 hero-exclusive sprays
-5 sprays for all heroes
-7 great vicory poses
-23 voice lines
-26 player icons
-12 winter themed skins
-2 highlight intros
-3 emotes

Winter Loot Boxes

Winter Wonderland

Only present I could afford myself this Christmas

Along side that there are unique loot boxes to be collected which are themed in Winter fashion. Every loot box you gain trough leveling up while the Winter Wonderland is live will instead of regular boxes give you Winter ones. Each Winter loot box contains at least one Winter Wonderland cosmetic. Every cosmetic you really want you can get using in game coins while the event is running.

Exciting New Brawl

Winter Wonderland

Cuteness overload

On top of all that there’s also a new unique, so far unseen brawl – Mei’s Snowball Offensive. Unlike Lucio Ball, Mei themed one features 6v6 clashes with Mei being only and instalocked hero. It all takes place on Ecopoint: Antarctica and revolves around collecting snowballs and 1 shot 1 kill mechanic.
Two maps are also decorated in winter fashion, those 2 being King’s Row and Hanamura.
In this patch we’ve also seen some bugs being polished and the changes to Symmetra have been applied.

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