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Apple Watch Series 2 Announcement

Apple Watch Series 2 Announcement

Apple just unveiled the new Apple Watch they’ve named Series 2. The new Apple Watch comes with a list of cool new features that will have you wishing Christmas would come a little earlier this year. So what exactly is so great about Apple Watch Series 2? Let us explain:

The Nitty-Gritty

For the tech-heads, the Apple Watch Series 2 has updated to an S2 dual-core processor which should make it quite faster.

Apple has also updated the display with a second-generation OLED Retina display with Force Touch. The display contains 1000 nits, or simply, it will be twice as bright as the original Apple Watch. That’s important when you’re in the sun and trying to see what time it is.

It’s a Dream Come True for Athletes

The Apple Watch just got a lot more fun for athletes. Since the first Apple Watch, Apple has boasted about the advantages it gives athletes when working out, but the company has outdone itself this time.

Built-In GPS

For the first time, the Apple Watch has built-in GPS. This certainly helps when you’re trying to find that gelato bar that everyone keeps talking about, but if you’re trying to lose those love handles, it can also help track the entirety of a run. Not only that, it will be able to sync up with other devices to show you a map of your route and the areas you ran the fastest.

Water Resistant

Apple watch series 2 waterproof

This is a big plus. The new Apple Watch Series 2 is water resistant up to 50 meters. That means you go swimming and do some serious laps with the Apple Watch strapped around your wrist. Apple even created a new technology to keep the Apple Watch water resistant. Because the Apple Watch contains a speaker, there was no possible way to keep water from entering, so they developed a system that pushes the water out of the speaker through vibrations.

Workout App

Not just for Series 2, Apple has unveiled a Workout App that lets you choose from 12 indoor and outdoor workouts that can help you get into shape. The Apple Watch can track your movements and progress and help guide you through the best possible workout.

Start Counting Everything

Apple is using the motto “Every move counts, so count every move” and they mean it with new tracking ability with the Apple Watch.

Activity Rings

A new app shows how much activity you’ve done for the day, whether it be Stand, Move, or Exercise. This will help boost your motivation to get off the couch, at least for a short walk, if not a run.


Better advancements in the coaching app for the Apple Watch updates you when you should stand up for a minute or move around. The Apple Watch also helps track this movement and help you complete much-needed goals.

A New Look

The Apple Watch has also released three new editions to their collection, an exclusive collaboration with Nike, one with Hermes, and their own special edition.

Nike for the Athlete

Nike Apple Watch

The Nike Apple Watch comes with a new aluminum, water-resistant case and a specific sports band that’s ideal for the athlete. The sport band is made of lightweight fluoroelastomer that feels lighter on the wrist. This band also has compression-molder perforations that help improve ventilation.

Hermes for the Fashionista

The new Hermes Apple Watches come in four different designs. The first is a Double Buckle Cuff made from Etoupe Swift Leather. The second, made of Fauve Barenia Leather is a Single Tour Deployment Buckle design. There are also the Double Tour made from Fauve Barenia Leather and the Single Tour available is Rose Jaipur Epsom Leather, Fauve Barenia Leather, or Feu Epsom Leather.

Edition for the Minimalist

Apple is also releasing a new Apple Watch Edition made of white ceramic. It’s pure white and very elegant. We’re sure this will be a high seller once it hits the market.

What Didn’t Come

Unfortunately, there were a few updates Apple lovers were hoping for that they didn’t receive. For one, Apple has yet to improve the battery life of the Apple Watch which still remains at 18 hours. As well, the size of Apple Watch is about the same. Display and thickness of the watch are equal for both Series 1 and 2. While the Apple Watch Series 2 is definitely better than the original, it certainly would have been nice to see some improvements in these two categories.

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