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Galaxy Note 7 Recall – All you need to know

Galaxy Note 7 Recall – All you need to know

Samsung released it’s ultimate flagship, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on August 19. The Note 7 looked and felt great. A solid gadget with amazing specifications. A super fast octa-core processor coupled with 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal storage expandable up to a whopping 256GB. But despite the beautiful bezel-less design, waterproofing and powerhouse of performance, things started going horribly wrong with the handset. Little did Samsung know about the tragedy that would befall Samsung because of its Note 7. Note 7 came with a new 3500 mAh battery. Everything was fine until the Note 7s started exploding. The battery management system was very poor and this caused in overheating of the battery, and ultimately the battery catching fire. This caused the phone to explode.

Why does a battery explode?

Every battery is a chemical cell inside which a chemical reaction happens which is converted to electrical energy. These days, most smartphones use Lithium-ion batteries. This means that the base for the chemical reaction happening is a Lithium-ion paste. Now this paste is extremely volatile, that is even with low temperatures, it will start melting and eventually burn. When there is overheating or overcharging the Lithium-ion paste gets heated up and catches fire. This causes a chain reaction, and eventually the phone explodes. Mobile phones don’t have internal cooling systems, unlike PCs. This means that the heat experienced by the Lithium-ion paste solely depends on the battery management system of the mobile, and since the battery management was poor, the phone started exploding.

Why was the phone recalled?


The above-mentioned reasons caused almost 90% of the Note 7 handsets to explode. There were cases of Note 7s exploding while charging, while walking about, in your pants. There was no saying where or when your note 7 would explode. This caused widespread concern to both Samsung and government authorities. Because if you were inside an Airplane and for some reason your phone exploded, it would cause panic, and possibly disrupt the functions of the Airplane. It also posed a danger to people, because it could cause severe burns.

Things to know about the Galaxy Note 7 Recall in the U.S.:

Samsung issued a voluntary recall for all Note 7 devices manufactured before 15th September. You need to power your device down and exchange it in the recall program. But however, since only devices manufactured before the 15th of September are eligible for the recall.  You can check if your device was manufactured before September 15, by checking your IMEI number on the official website.

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The Note 7 recall ensures that:

1. You can send in your Note 7, and after the new Note 7s have been declared safe, you will get a new, safe Note 7

2. You could exchange it for an S7 or S7 Edge, and the difference will be refunded.

3. You could also opt for a full refund of your cash.Everyone who is exchanging their Note 7 gets 25$ as a gift card.

Recent updates on the Note 7 Recall:

Samsung released an update to Note 7 users, which limited the battery from charging above 60%, but however many people reported that it wasn’t that useful, with many phones still exploding.The latest update from Samsung is that it has shipped 500,000 replacements to various carriers and retail stores. So, consumers can start claiming their replacements.

Impacts of the note 7 fiasco:

The first impact is that Samsung lost its credibility with its users, and most tech giants taking a dig at it and using the negative publicity to increase their image. Like Motorola and Apple. Samsung’s Note 7 has been at the butt end of memes on Facebook, with many popular ones like Terrorists using Note 7 instead of frag grenades. Not to mention the various suits filed against Samsung for the explosions of the Note 7. A 6-year-old boy suffered burns because of a note 7 explosion, his family has sued Samsung for damages. A man’s note 7 which was in his jeans’ pocket, exploded, causing severe injury to the man.

How do I identify a safe Note 7?

Google has given Samsung the permission to use a green battery indicator for safe Note 7s than the usual white battery indicator. This green battery indicator can be seen on the status bar and the Always on-screen. Samsung’s box also has a black filled square to indicate that your note 7 is safe.

It is still unsure if the new batches of Note 7s are safe, therefore it is best if you wait for at least a month before going ahead and buying a Samsung Galaxy note 7

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