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iPhone 7 Gaming

iPhone 7 Gaming

Like it does every year, Apple is coming out with a new iPhone to impress. This year, they say that it’s going to be faster, more powerful, and longer lasting. That’s making a lot of people happy for a very simple reason, apps. People spend hours of the day on their iPhones messing around, and they love to play games when they’re bored. So with all of the advantages that are coming out, iPhone 7 gaming is going to be great for a couple reasons.

What about the Battery?

A problem that will never leave us, even as we press on into the future, is the need for power.  Thankfully Apple has decided to try something new and give us a battery that can take the strain of a normal person’s phone usage, rather than letting the battery die three hours into the day like it usually does.  With the new life of the battery taken into account, playing games on the iPhone will be so much easier and so much more fun, thanks to not having to stress about having your phone die in the middle of your day.

I remember when I was taking the train to and from work.  There’s nothing worse than looking forward to some mindless entertainment in the form of free to play games, and then look at your phone and see that the amount of charge that’s left on the device makes you have to play the decision game.  There’s nothing fun about choosing between saving the last 10% of battery in case of an emergency, or using it all up so that you can actually have a good time with all of the little apps you have downloaded.

Thus the newly extended battery life is going to be a boon to when you want to sit back and enjoy your favorite games. You won’t have to worry as much about the strain that you’ve put on your device by opening up Pokemon Go or the soon to be released Mario game.

Iphone 7 Chip

The second part of the increased power to the iPhone 7 gaming capabilities is the new chip that Apple has developed and in starting to use with the release of this phone.  Boasted to be able to bring console level gaming to the iPhone, you have to wonder if they’re telling the truth, and which generation of console.  The second part doesn’t really matter, because if that level of gaming can be put onto a small iPhone, then there is going to be a whole new slew of amazing little distractions coming out in the future.


With a better chip, the types of games that become available can excite a newcomer into thinking about getting an iPhone for the first time if they’ve been Android people their entire lives.  I love playing games on my tablet, and the idea of being able to carry even that level of capabilities in a machine that can fit in my pocket makes me giddy.

Very little Carry On

That’s the great thing about gaming on an iPhone, you don’t have to pull out any massive system, or pulls something from your bag.  At most, all you’ll have to do is tilt your screen to make use of an alternate control scheme that’s easier for the developers to make with the device on its side.  Gaming on the go has become a big part of the mobile nature of our work lives, so the new capabilities of the iPhone 7 are going to be amazing to see in action when you have one in hand.

With the benefits that the new internal systems, iPhone 7 gaming will hopefully turn into a thing that you see a lot more of.  Everyone loves to play games, even my mother who has no idea how to really work her iPhone is addicted to a few games on it.  If gaming can last longer thanks to the new battery, and if the games can be better thanks to the new chip, I don’t think that anyone is going to try to complain. There may be complaints about the price, but phones have always been expensive, and if you take in the fact that along with the actual phone you are gaining access to a gaming system just as good as some consoles, there is nothing to complain about.

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Been in gaming for a long time. Started with Little League World Series on Nintendo. As you can imagine I've had my hands on a ton of games.

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