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NX Reveals Itself as Nintendo Switch

NX Reveals Itself as Nintendo Switch

The long awaited Nintendo’s next console has been revealed. There wasn’t anything surprising as rumors were already out that the console would be a portable as well as wired to your TV.  Switch is what Nintendo’s calling their next console as you can switch instantly from a portable handheld console to a full TV experience.

Switch is quite complicated. Because it will be a new experience for us, which makes us try it out. But Nintendo will not play any false game this time, hopefully, as their last console, Wii U was a total failure. But do take a moment to watch the teaser from Nintendo below.

Let me explain the deal for you

Switch is entirely a new idea, a mashup of console and mobile. Switch, on portable mode, contains a fairly big screen, which we don’t know if its touchscreen or not, and the controls attached to both the sides of it.


The control section as you can see, can be detached from the screen and use it by holding it in both hands.  Or it can be connected to a controller dock (which, hopefully, they will provide with every console for free) and can use it as a normal controller. Or you can give one part of the controller to your friend and can play multiplayer or split screen gaming on the go or at your home. You can also buy third-party controllers for the Switch.


For connecting it to your TV, you will be provided with another dock, which will allow you to connect the console. Connecting it to the dock will toggle the game screen to your TV and vice versa.

What else..

Switch is foremost a home console than a portable, which we can understand from the company’s statement to Polygon: “Nintendo Switch is a home gaming system first and foremost”. Nintendo wants to get on par with Microsoft and Sony in the current-gen gaming. But the question is: will it be a console that could outsmart the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? We don’t know yet, nobody does!

The trailer revealed three important things. First of all, what is the new console and what it looks like? Second, the name is Switch and not ‘NX’ anymore and third, its multiplayer options.

For its design, Switch is cool and sleek. The trailer showed only black color variant but there could be more colors. The two detachable controllers are matte coated while the screen portion acquires shiny-black. The controllers are specifically small. I don’t know how it will serve the consumers but since I haven’t used any Nintendo consoles I couldn’t say how they will. But yet it made me think how we could play NBA with only one of the controllers! When attached together on the dock, the controllers would take the form of one controller with two analogue sticks and all other common buttons.

nintendo switch controller docked

The controller docked

A Stand

The console also has a stand at the rear which will help to make it upright on tables and other surfaces. The ports which we could see from the video shows a 3.5mm audio jack and another unique feature to the current-gen consoles: a cartridge port.


Switch games will be in the form of cartridges than ordinary discs, what nostalgia…

For the multiplayer part, Switch serves better. Switch allows us to play multiplayer with someone who has another Switch like many  other consoles. You can also play split-screen. But the main factor is you can give one part of the controller to your friend and still play on the same machine. It is a good feature since you don’t need to buy an extra controller or take an extra one along with you on your trip.

Lot needs to be revealed

We still don’t know many things about Switch, at least the important part. Nintendo didn’t give us an exact date. What they revealed is March 2017. We still don’t know how much will it cost, may range between $250-350 but it’s only our assumption.

No specifications have been revealed. Nintendo keens on third-party titles to get on par with other consoles.  But reports from Aurther Gies for Polygon suggests that Switch will be less powerful than Xbox One and PlayStation 4. But if this proves true then Nintendo will have some trouble.  Sony has announced their next variant in the PlayStation 4 family.  The PS4 Pro which is capable of 4K gaming and HDR while Microsoft has the Project Scorpio for next year. With all this, I don’t know how Nintendo will survive with weak hardware.



We don’t know how the battery will last during portable playtime. How many games will be coming out with it?  Will it be backward compatible with older consoles? Its internal storage and will it support streaming?  But we could expect these on the coming days. However, we are a bit concerned on out how the new concept will co-exist.



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