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Author: Eric Davis

Razer Man O’War Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset Review

Razer is a known brand when it comes to gaming equipment or tools, as they have been a brand providing a reliable gaming experience through its accessories and gadgets. The Man O’ War wireless gaming headset is a product released by Razer and is designed to give the player the ultimate wireless gaming sound system to fully feel the game. If you are familiar with the term “Man O’ War”, it is mostly given to race horses and mostly powerful and strong sea creatures which symbolize the dominating level of their competitiveness. No wonder that Razer named this wireless...

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Heroes of The Storm Beginners Guide

Heroes of The Storm Beginners Guide Nowadays, MOBAs are very popular in the gaming community. They’re complex to learn and are a perfect environment for eSports players developing, but, once you conquer their learning curve, they can be really fun, especially when played with some friends. Some MOBAs are easier to learn than the others. DotA and LoL are the most famous and the most difficult. However, there is an alternative, and that alternative is called Heroes of the Storm, and, if you’re going to pick it up now, here are a couple of pointers for all the newbies out there. In Heroes of the...

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HoTs Valla Build Guide

VALLA GUIDE HEROES OF THE STORM Valla has always been a tier one pick by far. She is one the most damage dealing champions in Heroes of the Storm and her abilities synergize perfectly with her auto attacks, on which she is highly dependent on. The amount of damage that Valla has is second to none.  In fact, she’s got a lot of Hanzo without the down side. There are not many heroes in Heroes of the Storm that possess the amount of damage that Valla does. In fact, one of the most striking feature of Valla, that makes...

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HoTs Hanzo Build

Hanzo Build Guide Hanzo Abilities Hanzo is a warrior that was brought to the Heroes of the Storm from Overwatch.  His body size and bow have been increased on purpose especially for the Heroes of the Storm. Hanzo is a powerful master assassin who feels the most comfortable in the wilds. Nexus is Hanzo’s training ground where he wants to confirm himself as a warrior. Hanzo’s superior advantage over other heroes in the Heroes of the Storm is his attack from a distance. He uses the environment to his advantage, his greatest power is released in a combination of several natural abilities. Even his basic...

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Raynor Builds Guide

Raynor If you are a fan of Heroes of the Storm, the multiplayer battle game for Windows and MAC PC’s created by Blizzard Entertainment, then you know all about Raynor Builds and his many talents. Now, if you are new to the game or simply want more details on this character, here is a guide to everything you need to know about Raynor Builds. Raynor is an easy to play hero for beginners of the game. He is arguably the most played heroes for experienced players also. Once you know all his nuances and master all his skill, he...

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