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Author: IamArfas

FIFA 17 Title Update 1.06- Brings Minor As Well As Major Changes

Those who boot up FIFA 17 now can find their title update ready to be installed. FIFA 17 title update weighs around 430MB on PlayStation 4 and 769MB on Xbox One. As the size suggests, we can only expect small changes. The PlayStation update notes listed the following two changes: Addressed an instance where a substitute would result in a disconnect General stability fixes in FIFA Ultimate Team and other online game modes These were some things to be solved out since the substitution glitch was unbearable. I often got disconnected while trying to make a substitution in FUT. Other changes,...

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Games with Gold for February- Xbox Live

Each month two games will be announced for the Games with Gold program for Xbox One and two free games for Xbox 360. But now you can also download Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One consoles as all the GwG for Xbox 360 will be backward compatible. Which will make the number of free games to four per month and you can keep the Xbox 360 games for free even if you run out of your subscription. Some great games have been announced as part of the Games with Gold program. Sunset Overdrive, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag,...

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Xbox One Major Update: Microsoft Plans to Introduce New Interface, and to Shut Down ‘Snap’ Mode

Our review of Xbox One described how the original interface made everyone go crazy and how the new interface, which rolled out in November 2015, helped the users a lot. But now Microsoft plans to introduce new interface which would allow us to seamlessly stroll through it and to make the console more faster. No release dates for the update has been specified yet, but Xbox Insiders got a taste of the new interface and it seems great. Please don’t expect a huge change, though. But the new update brings changes to the quick access menu. The update allows you...

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Liberty City to Co-Exist with Los Santos in GTA V

Ever thought of having another great map along the oceans of Los Santos? Now you can really start dreaming. Grand Theft Auto IVs map, the Liberty City will be available along with Los Santos. But it’s not any official announcement and players outside PC can’t enjoy it too. This is a mod under construction from the great mod team- OpenIV. They have been working on this project since the game hit on PC in 2015. Now it’s somewhat ready to be released but there is no official announcement about the date from the modders. Take a look at their...

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