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Razer Man O’War Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset Review

Razer Man O’War Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset Review

Razer Man O'War Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Razer is a known brand when it comes to gaming equipment or tools, as they have been a brand providing a reliable gaming experience through its accessories and gadgets. The Man O’ War wireless gaming headset is a product released by Razer and is designed to give the player the ultimate wireless gaming sound system to fully feel the game.

If you are familiar with the term “Man O’ War”, it is mostly given to race horses and mostly powerful and strong sea creatures which symbolize the dominating level of their competitiveness. No wonder that Razer named this wireless gaming headset after a competitive term, as it is designed mainly to give a comfortable, portable and well-rounded sound feel when the player is in the game zone.


Longer Time Use

Razer designed the Man O’ War wireless headset in a way that the player is given the chance to not only enjoy a full- proof sound system while playing but to also enjoy it for a long time.

This wireless gaming headset is designed to last for about seven days of wireless game play or around 14 hours of uninterrupted session with just one charge.

Wireless Performance Audio

Razer Man O'War Wireless Perfomance audio

With it being designed mainly for gaming purposes, it is equipped with an ideally lag-free audio system; this way, the communication system between the team players are not compromised and missions are accomplished smoothly.

It is made to have a lag- free 2.4 GHz wireless technology and a 12 + 2-metre range capability, which is also easy to manage with a simple dock and play operation. Alongside with it is a retractable microphone to give a clearer audio quality, with a LED indicator to notify player whether or not they are broadcasting.

Audio Adjustment Controls

Razer Man O'War Wireless audio controls

True enough with it’s easy to use and portable advertising, the controls for the headset is in a form of a Quick Action Controls which is found in the earcups of the headset. This will allow you to adjust the volume, and microphone without any difficulties to disturb your gameplay.

This way, you will have an easier time to get into the game with a full experience complete with just the right amount of sounds that you will be needing and wanting as you go along the game.

Lighting Effects

Razer Man O'War Wireless Lighting Effects

Yes, this headset, just like any razer products is equipped with its notable lighting feature which will give you the chroma experience. It is designed to give a subtle, slick and customizable LED lights to match your keyboards maybe?

Okay, let’s admit it this feature is just something additional and cool to look at that you can offer to your possible audience; but hey it still adds to your style and mark.


  • This Man O’ War wireless headset is designed to have a large ear cups and headband with a flexible yet hard feel to ensure durability.
  • The ear cups is made with a cushion in the outer circle, and a leatherette finish to make it more comfortable to wear and use
  • With its rounded design, it is definitely a headset to give a full and surround sound gaming experience
  • A dock and play operating system makes it an easy to use gaming gadget, plus the wireless feature will allow the player to move around and comfortably without the worry of getting tangled in the cord
  • Microphone is positioned in a comfortable spot to allow a more accessible and easier setup, plus gives a clear and whole audio


  • The built may appear a bit bulky, in turn, can be a bit heavy that may or may not give an ear fatigue.
  • Its battery can get easily warm which can lead to sweating for the player
  • There may be some difficulties encountered when it comes to connection of the headset to the computer
  • The plastic material used for the headband is a bit cheap and can lead to sudden breakage after just a couple of months’ use
  • The large ear cups can be a bit difficult and uncomfortable particularly for someone who has small ears
  • It lacks a charging indicator which can cause over or under charging which is an important thing to monitor for any gadgets
  • The price can be a bit pricey when compared to some other headset units with almost the same features and functions
  • The tendency of it being choosy when it comes to games it can be compatible with, which is hard especially if you purchase the unit for your favourite game and turns out it does not play or read.


When it comes to its overall design, the Man O’ War certainly has a sleek and stylish feel to give a commanding attention to live up to its name. It is in line with what Razer has been known for producing all these years, a full- proof gadget accessory that will help and provide the player a whole- rounded feel of each game they play.

Although, I have to say that the level of comfort that the Man O’ War gives is somehow subjective and all depends on how the user wears it. Some may find it uncomfortable due to it’s bulky and a bit heavy built, but for some, it is just the right size and weight and will give certain coziness as you use it.

One thing I for sure, this headset will give any player just the right amount of whole- rounded, and surround sound kind of experience to fully experience and immerse the player within the game. With its wireless feature, the player will lessen the worry of getting tangled up with the cord as they enjoy the game.

Just like any products, having an actual feel before purchasing is the most recommendable way to go, but overall, Razer’s Man O’ War is a good product for gaming enthusiasts looking for a sound system unit that can give a quality audio system, and that can allow them to comfortably and freely move their arms as they play without any disturbances.


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