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Smite God Neith Info and Build

Smite God Neith Info and Build

The Smite God Neith is a hunter that is control and utility based more than a hunter that is damaged based.  She can fire arrows and do backflips all over the competition.  I could give you the lore like everyone else does but why waste time?

Lets just get into her abilities.




Neith Abilities

Broken Weave

A Broken Weave Basically appears at the last spot an enemy god dies. The Broken Weaves give other abilities and additional affect when the enter the weave. These weaves last for 1 minute.

Spirit Arrow

A Neith shot that passes through everything. When an enemy is hit, they take damage and are rooted. If a Spirit Arrow hits a Broken Weave the Weave detonates, dealing an additional 100% of the damage and applying the root to all enemies in the area.


Neith can neatly unravel the world weaves, causing damage to all enemies in the target area, slowing down their attack speed, and healing Neith for each enemy hit, up to 3. This removes any Broken Weaves and will heal Neith for the additional weaves.

Back Flip

She can do a back flip which creates a Broken Weave that will slow and damage enemies in front of her.

World Weaver

This is a charged up arrow that Neith fires across the entire world causing enemies to be stunned and take damage.

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Lets get to the Good Stuff!  Builds!


Kitten of Doom Neith Build

Courtesy of @kittenofdoom

If you’ve seen the video the top this is gonna be a review for you.

Kitten of Doom Nieth Build

In Conquest as a hunter..

Neith buildFirst Item

You will need to start your build off with Bumbas Mask since you will be soloing your own red buff and purple buff for XP until about mid game.

Bumbas is a great tool to help you gain health off of those jungle camps and it is pretty much a must
have in every situation.

Second Item

Bluestone pendent works great on Neith so that her clear is even better early game. She has one of the strongest early game clear out of most hunters.  So amplifying this with bluestone works great on her.



KOD Neith Build 1

Warrior Tabi is another important item to get on her since she is an ability based hunter and won’t benefit from the attack speed that
Ninja Tabi boots provide. She will have more early game damage and kill potential with Warrior Tabi since it is a great power spike.

As for the stacking item, Neith works fantastic with Transendance. It gives her a huge power spike and Transendance makes her abilities hit harder while not having to worry about running out of mana.

Devourers Gauntlets can also be in this spot but I believe she can benefit more off of the power spike of Transendance since she has a healing ability in her kit that can help sustain her in lane.

Third item

is up to personal preference. I normally build Asi in this space so that you can solo big objectives on your own.  Like the portal demon and gold fury.  You will need lifesteal to bring them down yourself and Asi has a great passive and good stats.

If you do not want to go lifesteal in this slot, I would recommend picking up Executioner.

Fourth item

I like to pick up The Crusher.  It has some penetration on it as well as attack speed.  Hitting enemy gods with basic attacks reduces the cooldowns on your abilities.

The Crusher works great with her since she is an ability based hunter.

Or you can pick up Executioner or Quins Sais in this slot if you do not like the Crusher option.

Fifth item

KOD Neith Build VariationIs situational, if there is healing gods on the other team, I would recommend picking up Brawlers Beatstick.  This will help reduce their healing.  If they don’t, any penetration item would work great with her, like Joutuns Wrath or Titans bane.

Titans bane will help you shred through objectives really quickly.

Last item

I typically love going with is Odysseys Bow.  It gives Neith the attack speed she is lacking.  O Bow with a penetration build makes the passive shock waves do more damage.  It is easy to poke down an enemy team with Odysseys Bow so I would Highly recommend it.

In the end game you will be putting out massive amounts of damage.  You will have great tower push and objective shred.



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