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Smite Review

Smite Review
Smite Review

Smite – Battleground of the gods

In every gamer’s life there has to be a MOBA. Rare are those who haven’t had one at some point in there exhausting gaming
life. One of the first MOBA games ever created was Aeon of Strife. At its core it was a custom map for the original Starcraft.
As we all know, even if we don’t want to, the most popular MOBAs today are League of Legends and Dota 2. They hold the biggest part of MOBA market.
Today I’m going to bring some light on a lesser known MOBA, Smite.

Smite? a game developed by Hi-Rez Studios and published by the same team along side Tencent and Level up! Games. At it core Smite is a third person multiplayer online battle arena. The key difference between Smite and every other MOBA, excluding the new game Paragon, it the perspective from which you’re seeing your character. In LoL or Dota your viewpoint is space-like. In Smite it’s from third person. This allows players to connect to their heroes, in this case Gods, on many more levels. Thus increasing the immersion drastically and giving a feel of better control and awareness.


When you first start the game you’re account level is 1 and the cap that you can reach is 30. Level is increased by earning experience while playing the game. Every reached level grants you small bonuses. These are in form of favor (in-game currency) or God Rental. Favor can be used to unlock different gods or to purchase Mastery skins and some small account customization items. Every free to play player starts of with 5 free gods and 5 gods that are on time rotation.
Every day you log-in the game you get some favor bonuses and when you consecutively log-in for 7 days next to favor that you get first 5 days, sixth and seventh day you get 15 and 35 gems. Gems represent currency that you can obtain only by spending real life money, weekly logins or when some kind of promotion is active. They are mostly used for new skins.
I won’t talk about roles and god classes here. If you want to read about that go to the guides section of this game.

Smite Review

Account Customization

Smite Review

Login Rewards

Does Smite have much replayability?

Like every MOBA, Smite too has a huge replayability value. Currently there are 77 gods and 6 gamemodes in normal play section. There’s also ranked mode for 1v1, 3v3 and classic MOBA gamemode 5v5. To queue up for ranked you’ll need to have account level 30 and 1 mastery on 16 gods.

Smite Review

Some of the Gods

God Mastery

What are exactly god masteries? Every time you finish match in any normal mode you get worshipers. The amount varies depending on whether you won or lost and time spent playing that game. Win and more spent time = more worshipers. First 50 worshipers on any god give it mastery I status. There are X masteries that one particular god can have. Every consecutive level requires more worshipers than last. At the end, when you reach god mastery X you should have around 1000 worshipers. If you continue to play with that god you’ll still keep getting worshipers.

Smite Review

Worshipers window

Season Ticket and Events

Most games these days organize in-game events in honor of some calendar happening. For example since 2014 Smite is throwing Gabe said so sales. This year isn’t different since new sale should start 1st July but nothing is official yet. Currently there is one active event in game. The Vikings event allows you to unlock new skins and get various rewards for playing the game if you spend 900 gems to unlock that event.

Smite Review

Weekly Missions

Smite Review

Season Ticket Pro Games

Along side events, for the last couple of years Smite is creating Season Tickets. These are one time purchase for 1 year. Meaning that every year if you spend x amount of gems (usually around 300-500) you get a Season Ticket that lasts for 1 year. During that time you can predict the outcome of professional game. If your chose the team you predicted to win and that turns out to be correct you can get x amount of FP (if I’m not correct that stands for fantasy points). Also every game you win grants you 15 FP. Every x amount of FP gives you in-game rewards.
Every week you can earn more favor by completing missions!


Season Ticket Rewards

Smite Review

The Vikings Event


As in every MOBA with an e-sports scene, this too, there is meta established at almost every point in the game’s lifespan.
Currently the games last around 25-35 minutes with the ones on margin ending even before 10 minutes or lasting more than 1.5 hours. I myself played 2 games that lasted around 75 minutes. This is nothing new if you’re experienced in this genre but it’s something that new players should note. As you earn experience in game your god gets to level up and passively as well as actively earns gold. This gold is spent for buying new items that enhance your god and last until the match is over.

Smite Review

Freya Pixel Buster skin

New content for old players?

Every 4-5 weeks there is a big update. Every 2 big updates the game gets an new god. Every god belongs to one of the 8 Pantheons. This year the new Pantheon that was added to the game was Japanese Pantheon.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a MOBA game whose perspective isn’t space-like then Smite might be what you’re looking for. The community as I already said in my Smite Tips and Tricks article is one to be desired. If you already have experience in MOBAs then you’ll easily get a grip for Smite. As most MOBAs, Smite has a high skill cap with a huge learning curve so I recommend you to read my last Smite article as well as to watch a lot of Smite videos before hopping in. However, once you master the first learning curve, you’re in for a treat!

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