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Why Not Having a Loki Is Loco!

Why Not Having a Loki Is Loco!

Loki is one of those Smite Gods that you really can’t over look.  He’s known as the trickster god so lets see what tricks he has up his sleeve.

Sure, I could talk a ton about his history… But why?  Let’s get to why you want him on your team.

Loki Abilities


Behind You (Passive)

Not a direction that I’d want to be attacked from.  ewww.  Basically anytime he is behind his enemy he will do 20% more damage on that attack.  Doesn’t matter who it is he’ll do 20% more damage.


This is where Loki takes it to another level.  He’s the ultimate assassin!  He can vanish in the middle of the battle and pop in to raise hell.  Like that wasn’t enough, while clocked he moves 35% faster, takes 25% less damage, and is immune to slows.  Plus his first hit after coming out of vanish he dots that first attack.  Which just continues to do damage while it ticks.


This ability will launch a Loki clone at the enemy and will detonate at completion dealing damage to enemies.

Aimed Strike

Mainly a buff to the attack for 5 seconds.


This will take you back to Assassins Creed days.  You can teleport to a position behind a enemy and back stab them doing a ton of damage.  Now, you can miss with this ultimate so aiming will be very important.  Does have a 90 second cool down so use it wisely.


How to beat him

Depending on the person playing him you could two very different Loki’s.  Point being there is a lot to learn about how to use him correctly.  So you could have one match where he sucks and the other where he’s lights out.

One way: Crowd control counters Loki hard.  It pulls Loki out of invisibility.

Dots will also give you the general idea of where he is at all times.

Also your Towers and Phoenixes, Titans will show Loki as a purple silhouette.

That will help you combat his invisibility.

Also check the video for more solid tips on how to beat Loki.  It will also show you that not having a Loki on your team is pure Loco!

Be on the look out for some solid Loki Builds right here at


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