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We See You Sombra, Possible New Overwatch Hero

We See You Sombra, Possible New Overwatch Hero

Everything we can see in Sniper Sombra, Overwatch’s possible next hero

Overwatch has a ton of complimentary updates lined up in the future, but none of are more appealing than Sombra, the rumored hero everyone is looking to be added to the lineup.  Blizzard definitely stirred the pot with a teaser weapon image, however there’s quite a bit of Sombra backstory circulating the web that not everybody understands.

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Thankfully, Arekkz took the time and compiled these details into a single hassle-free video teasing why the rumors surrounding Sombra are so strong, and why we need to anticipate her to appear in the brand-new release.

After analyzing the sniper rifle and its possible healing capabilities, Arekkz relies on the rumors themselves. This whole thing began when Blizzard discussed new heroes that maybe in development. Some heroes checking out the Dorado map noted an Easter Egg– file folders for the characters Soldier 76, Jack Morrison, and the yet-unrevealed Sombra. More details have been discovered in other maps. We’ve seen images of a hooded figure and paper clippings connected to Sombra. The video explains more of the findings and rumors. However, what is probably the coolest point? Reaper mentions Sombra by name, asking [blockquote]”Where’s Sombra when you need her?“[/blockquote]

Overwatch fans have been on the hunt for connections that develop a rather intriguing theory– Sombra was a soldier in the exact same conflict that apparently eliminated Reaper and Soldier 76, who both resurfaced as mask-wearing mercenaries. (Note that these declared Sombra pictures include a mask of their own.) Whether or not she wears a mask is yet to be seen.  But it’s definitely clear that Blizzard’s viral marketing will make a big splash with this one soon.

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