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FIFA 17 Preview

FIFA 17 Preview

Every year new FIFA get released and every year we see some substantial changes from the previous one. But the biggest change in FIFA last occured in FIFA 12. We saw upgraded graphics, gameplay, new set-piece rewrite and upgraded player faces from the previous version. But after FIFA 12, there weren’t any great deal of changes in the gameplay. Each FIFA after 2011 seemed the same until I played the recently released demo for FIFA 17.


Football has changed | Courtesy of Electronic Arts

What’s included in the demo

The demo weighs about 8 gigs and allows you to experience the familiar Kick Off mode and the new extra sweet Journey mode.

You can use only twelve teams in Kick Off mode as it is a demo version. The teams include three Barclays PL teams: Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City and one team from other specific leagues: Real Madrid, Paris Saint Germain, Bayern Munich, Olimpique Lyonnais, Juventus, Inter, Tigres, Gamba Osaka and Sounders FC. You can select only two kits (the alternate and unlockable kits are not available in the demo). Other limitations include half-length locked at 4 minutes and Season locked at Autumn/Fall. Pitch Pattern is limited to default, Pitch Wear is locked to None and only Adidas Errejota ball can be used.

fifa 17 gameplay

The magic of Frostbite

Stadiums are limited to Stamford Bridge, Suita City Football Stadium and Century Link Field. Commentary Language cannot be altered from English and some other Visual settings are limited. But it is great the EA included commentary suuport in the demo as it delivers the full experience unlike PES.

“It was a treat for me to play FIFA 17”

Other than the Kick Off mode, the demo also offers a slight taste of the new Journey mode. I will describe about the Journey mode later, but the demo offers a part of the story, where our protagonist is making his debut for his team and needs to impress his manager by completing the manager’s tasks.


FIFA 17 feels glorius. From passing to shooting to sliding, everything feels natural. Nothing much has changed from the previous version. The player movements feel more natural, the ball feels more heavier and the sound of the ball getting kicked feels much more natural and the players now act very wisely including the goal keeper. In brief, the naturality of FIFA increased from its previous release.

fifa 17 preview

Nice to meet you Mr. Mourinho | Courtesy of Electronic Arts

The set-piece mechanism has been re-writed completely. Let’s take the penalties first, in FIFA 17 you can change the position of your player standing to take the penalty using the right stick and can locate your direction using the left stick. But using the left stick will trigger the run also so we need to shoot accordingly. In free-kicks nothing much has changed other than the addition of changing the player position and also you will be treated with the same view as you decide your shot.

Corners have changed a lot. First we should position the ball landing using the left stick and can trigger the cross or you can position the landing and can trigger to another player in the box and while in the box you can request a cross by pressing the cross button. Take a look at EA’s defenition of the new set-piece in FIFA 17 below.

“With the best graphics and cool set-piece mechanism, FIFA feels changed.”

The addition of Barclays PL managers add to the excitement. They roar over the stadium when they get a win and feel tensed down when they face a defeat.

EA also promises to deliver some other additions like the Active Intelligence System, physical play overhaul and strong attacking techniques which we will cover in the final review.


FIFA 17 boasts in terms of graphics. The older Ignite engine has been replaced with the new Frostbite engine which powers EA’s other games like Battlefield and Need For Speed. Players look life-like, player beards, hair and their emotions feels amazing. It was a treat for me to play FIFA 17.

fifa 17 preview

The stadium looks beautiful with the sunshine looming over it during daytime. The Frostbite engine does deliver high-end graphics and in Journey mode, Alex Hunter’s facial expressions looks great.

The Journey

Journey is FIFA 17’s hottest new addition. We can take role of one Alex Hunter, a slum trying to rank up in the world of football. FIFA 17 is the first football game which feature a story mode and Hunter’s story isn’t anything fixed instead our playstyle will alter the story. Playing poorly can result to a transfer or loan. Our comments to the press or to our friends or coach will determine our fan base or manager’s reputation.

As Alex, you can play in any team on Barclays PL. In this demo, I could only play a part of his story. The demo featured Alex Hunter’s debut on Manchester United along with his best mate Gareth Walker (also a fictional character). Our first match is against Chelsea and Hunter is in the subs while Walker scores a goal. The story shows Chelsea getting a goal resulting in a breakneck and its our job to impress the manager and to win the match. It can go any way and if you win the match,  the press will ask you questions accordingly and if you performed poorly, then the press reacts in other ways.

fifa 17 journey

Journey delivers a whole new way of experiencing football

The Journey is the best addition a football game ever had and I intend on playing it to the utmost when it launches.

Early Verdict

FIFA 17 is not out yet, but looking at the demo it is performing at its best. With the best graphics and cool set-piece mechanism, FIFA feels changed. Now I can say FIFA has taken a leap from its predeccessors with the introduction of a story mode with new characters and dialogues.

This is just a preview of the demo version and we will cover the final review when it launches on 27th of September, 2016 on North America and 29th of September, 2016 for the rest of the world.

The preview for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 will be published shortly. Stay tuned.

Have you played the FIFA 17 demo? Do you think PES 2017 is better than FIFA? Share it on the comments below…


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