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PS4 Pro vs Xbox One Scorpio: Which to buy?

PS4 Pro vs Xbox One Scorpio: Which to buy?

With the final reveal of PS4 Pro it is clear what Sony is up to. While they are planning to launch a revamped console, it is also an answer to Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One Scorpio. So, how are the two different? In a PS4 Pro vs Xbox One Scorpio review, which one will totally fulfill your needs? Let’s find out.

PS4 Pro vs Xbox One Scorpio – The differences:




• Release Dates:

Excitement is at the brink as many of you are already familiar with the launch date of PS4 Pro (PS4 Neo). The announced date is November 11, 2016 – that is certainly not too far. The Xbox Scorpio is expected to reach the market next holiday season, 2017. This lets customers get their hands on Sony’s console much earlier. But, it might also retrain the technology in the PS4 Pro compared to Xbox. But, the future could see a redesigned model for the PS4 Pro just like before.

• Specs:

You should note that some of the specs are still tentative. You might not know which one of them changes as both consoles are bound to release in later months. But, we can say that PS4 Neo’s features are still more definitive compared to that of the Xbox One Scorpio’s. Without further ado, let’s start with the specs for bother one by one.

PlayStation 4 Pro:

Even though developers have decided the release date for the PlayStation 4 Pro, a lot is not known about it. What we know about it is that is uses an Octa-core CPU processor with AMD Radeon Jaguar GPU. We will also get 8GB GDDR5 RAM chipset for consistent memory. The most talked-about feature of this upcoming console is its 4K gaming experience. But, we hardly doubt it to reach a 100% 4K visual. It will have 4.20 teraflops for enhanced speeds.

ps4 pro vs xbox one scorpio

Looking at the games demonstrated at the event, one could not make out much difference. So, many gamers could stay skeptical about it. Besides this, you get an enhanced power core even though the original PS4 also has 8 cores. Processing will be faster with better graphics, no doubt. Compatibility with PS VR is also going to reach a new level with this system.

ps4 pro

This is pretty sure that developing games will have a 4K resolution. But, the old one could see slight improvement in the graphics. The best these games will offer is a 30 fps rate but not above that. Overall, it would work only if you own a 4K TV to view such games on a PS 4 Pro. Otherwise, it will be useless. Sony promises to patch up the existing games to improve their graphics for running on the Pro. On top of that, PS 4 Pro will also let you stream 4K content, but it still will not act as a 4K Blu-ray player like Xbox One S.

Xbox One Scorpio:

Considering Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, much of its information data is speculated. At the latest E3 event, Microsoft announced that X1 Scorpio will also have an eight-core CPU processor with 320 GB bandwidth for memory. It might offer 6 teraflops which will make it the most advanced console. But, a year is a long time for developing a console aimed towards perfection. It is possible that Xbox One Scorpio will outperform the upcoming PS4 Pro.

xbox one scorpio
4K resolution will be there in this one as well. And, you are certainly going to get 60 fps frame rate on this on. Xbox One Scorpio is also going to support VR games. But, we still do not know the headgear they introduce. Xbox One Scorpio will also support its previous titles.

Price range:

Looking at the price tags for PS4 Pro vs Xbox One Scorpio, the former will launch at £349 or $399 for the 1 TB version. While the latter could be a little costly at £399 (the storage option is not known yet).

The Verdict:

PS4 Pro vs Xbox One Scorpio

Looking at PS4 Pro vs Xbox One Scorpio, it looks quite conclusive that the Xbox One Scorpio has the upper hand by a big margin. If it is coming with 6 teraflops, then there is no denial that it will be the better one. But, this does not mean that Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is not going to offer high-end gaming. The PlayStation series of gaming consoles also have a dedicated fan base that will love to get the upcoming gaming system.

The future of gaming is surely in 4K. But, the downside is that you can enjoy full graphics if you own a 4K TV. Another option is a good VR headset. The PlayStation has its own, but we have to see what Microsoft will bring out for their potential customers in the form of a virtual reality headset.

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