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Smite: World Championship 2017

Smite: World Championship 2017

Smite’s official competitive season 3 is coming to an end and like all 2 years before we’ve got most of the important information about the tournament about a month pre-start date.

Everything you need to know

Starting last year, Smite’s World Championship is the main but not the only event held under the Hi-Rez Expo. Like last year, this year too, along side Smite PC World Championship there will also be the Xbox One Smite Championship as well as the first Paladins Invitational.
Hi-Rez Expo will begin in the first days of 2017, from 1st to 5th January to be precise. Overall prize pool for PC Smite WC is 1 million U.S. dollars for which the best teams around the World will be fighting. The tickets for Hi-Rez Expo are, as we’re aware, already sold out and the price for one was around 99 dollars.

PC Tournament format

World Championship

Well known Thor’s hammer is Smite’s type of winners trophy

Overall there will be 10 teams contesting the Smite WC title. From those 10: 2 are from Europe, 2 are from NA, 2 are from NA/EU (wildcards), 1 is from China, Brazil, Australia and Oceania, and 1 team is from Latin America.

Placement stage

First 8 teams will be places in double elimination brackets (best of 1 match format), top 6 teams will advance.

Knockout stage

Is a single elimination bracket, the first seated from EU and NA get to advance to Quarterfinals by default. Quarterfinals are best of 3 games and Semifinals and Finals are best of 5 games.


From North America 2 top teams will be representing their region, those are of course Luminosity Gaming and SoaR Gaming. SoaR will be facing INTZ which is a the Brazilian team. While the Luminosity is up against Harbin Brewery, the Chinese team. This is the big joker card as not many know much about Chinese league and overall play style. Let’s hope they won’t confidently bring out mid Anubis like the last Chinese team did last year. Two wildcard teams are this time around both from NA. Next to SoaR and LG, NA will be represented by Team Allegiance which will clash against their neighbours, the Mexican team – LichT eSports. The other wildcard NA team is of course eGr which found themselves in Quarterfinals so we won’t know who they’ll be up against until the 2nd day of tournament. Europe will be represented by last years Champions Epsilon, now NRG eSports. Which is like the eGr already in Quarterfinals. Second EU team is Obey Alliance and they will be up against Oceania’s – Team Pandamonium.

My expectations and predictions

Event like this is extremely ungrateful for any prediction type of work. However, I can tell you which are in my opinion top contenders for the title. As I’m from EU, like last year I will be cheering for NRG and Obey. NRG or Epsilon as they were known last year is in my opinion main title contender this year too. Their domination isn’t as strong is it was in Season 2 but they are still the force to be reckoned with. Other teams that can stand in NRG’s way are 2 teams from NA, eGr and SoaR as they are in my opinion 2 better NA teams. Other regions shouldn’t be as highlighted as the teams from these 2 regions but I’m still very much looking forward to seeing what tactics the Chinese team will be opting to go with. As I haven’t seen any of their League games. All in all we’ll for sure have a blast of a time early 2017 so make sure to clear your schedule on time.

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