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Xbox One Scorpio: A Twist In The Tale

Xbox One Scorpio: A Twist In The Tale

Console generations are like this– ‘Sony released the PlayStation 2, so Microsoft released the Xbox console and the former rose high while the latter went down; Sony was keeping the crown and they moved on to the PS3 systems, but fate changed as Microsoft released the classy Xbox 360; Sony released the Move action-controller and they thought they will gain back all the glory but unfortunately Microsoft released the Kinect motion sensors so that you can run, jump or swim hands free; But Microsoft didn’t go far either, their age of leadership ended when Sony announced the PS4 which had more power in almost every sense than Microsoft’s counterpart, the Xbox One.’

Moral of the story: “Fate changes and twists do happen… even in console wars”. Microsoft went down this year with their Xbox One. Why? Because Microsoft wanted each and every one of their users to have an internet connection for playing their games. Was it fair? Certainly not. They wanted all their users to install the Kinect sensor, irrespective of their age. Guys do note that my granpa still plays Halo. But what is the need for him to use a Kinect? In brief, they had a poor launching which made the PS4 have a great edge over it. My Xbox One review further explains its evolution from the launch date.


PS4 is still leading by 40% than Xbox One in sales passing a 50 million sales record. Also Xbox One has less GPU power when comparing with PS4. But all these does not mean Sony will be leading all over this Xbox One-PS4 war. Because as I said before, ‘fate do change’.

Ever since Phil Spencer took charge as the Xbox Head, Microsoft is taking back its position. Now for four consecutive months, Xbox One console is leading sales in the US, UK and Australia. With Xbox One S, Microsoft is turning tables while Sony’s counter part PS4 Slim is kind of an unwanted release as the original PS4 was already slimmer and had its own style. Do note that the Slim excluded the optical port while Xbox One S included a 4K BluRay player.

ps4 slim vs ps4

The original PS4(right) is more sleeker and stylish as well as slim in its own right

But hey! What about the PlayStation 4 Pro, which is the current most powerful console that is going to get underrated when Scorpio arrives? PlayStation 4 Pro as I covered in my review is the current most powerful console on the market. Its release is solely for the purpose of using a PlayStation VR, which most people are getting bored without any great games to come back for. Excluding the VR, the Pro does allow you to experience certain games in 4K. The upcoming Days Gone and the already released Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered are some of them.

Xbox One Scorpio

Its less than an year from the release of Scorpio, which has twice the power in every sense from Pro. What will Sony do then? As per Phil Spencer (Xbox Head), the console generation will be like smartphone generations. Means unlike the older system of releasing a new console every 8 or 9 years, now manufacturers will release new consoles in two years or so. If that would be the case, then releasing another PlayStation to compete with Scorpio next year would be like Sony shouting ‘shed out your money again lads’ to their customers. Because the PS4 Pro now costs around $400, which was the initial cost of the original PS4 during launch.

But the new twist made by Xbox is that their new Project Scorpio with double the specs of PS4 Pro will be having an affordable price for gamers at launch. In an interview with AusGamers, Phil Spencer told his opinions on Scorpio’s price point. “I want Scorpio to be at a console price-point,” Spencer continued, ““I’m not trying to go and compete with a high-end rig.”

This doesn’t mean that Project Scorpio will have a price point around $200 or less, but even if it ranges between $400-500, it will have its own advantages unlike the PS4 Pro, which is not a recommended pick unless you have extra money to shed out.

Final words..

My writings does not make me a Xbox fanboy. As I do believe in the fact that console leadership do change and ‘twists do happen’. Microsoft had a very poor Xbox One launch while the PS4 kept all the glory then. But now, its time for Xbox to keep the crown for sometime unless PlayStation make another twist to this war. Who knows, maybe they will able to do something like the awesome addition of HDR capability to even the original PS4. Sony might be planning something to overcome the Scorpio next year. But for now, with the free Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility program and an efficient cross-buy system across Xbox one and Windows 10, Xbox is starting to lead over Sony.

But what we are not caring is that there is another manufacturer lying low in the name of Nintendo. We do not yet know what they plan to do with all these on the future but we can assume where they are going.

What do you think of my belief? Fill out your suggestion on the comments below..

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