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The Magnificent Seven: guns, bigger guns, and machine guns.

The Magnificent Seven: guns, bigger guns, and machine guns.


The action takes place in the Old West town of Rose Krick in the 1870s, shortly after the Civil War. The town is controlled and terrorized by a mining magnate Bartholomew Bogue, played by Peter Sarsgaard. The industrialist goes too far when he shoots a man dead in the streets. The wife of the victim coalizes the town folk to gather all their savings and hire the bounty hunter Sam Chisolm, played by Denzel Washington, to help them defend their town.

The bounty hunter takes the job, but for other reasons than the money, and proceeds to assemble his team: a hot shot young shooter, talented in the use of the dynamite, played by Chris Pratt; a Civil War sharpshooter, with a slight post-traumatic stress syndrome, played by Ethan Hawke; his trusted partner, a knife specialist, played by Lee Byung-hun; an outlaw, played by Manuel Garcia-Rulfo; a warrior, played by Martin Sensmeier; and a kooky, wise old tracker, played by Vincent D’Onofrio, and together they ride with an army of farmers to an epic horseback battle, full of guns, bigger guns, and machine guns.


The movie lacks substance and tries to compensate with action and bullets. It’s an OK movie, fit for a night out, with friends, but nothing special. The directing, the filming, the soundtracks are on point, but there is little room for actual acting, it fails to transmit emotion. While it may steal a smile and a “wow” from the viewer, that’s all it can do. The cast is an overload of stars and talented actors, but their roles could’ve been played by anyone.

The Magnificent Seven is a movie that follows a predictable, mechanical script: (research for the seven, first battle, training of the farmers, final battle). The film doesn’t even get close to the profundity of the original “Seven Samurai”, a 1954 Japanese movie co-written, edited, and directed by Akira Kurosawa or the other remakes.

In conclusion, I don’t regret seeing the movie, but couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed. I mean, I enjoyed the action and the excessive fanning of the revolvers, but I wanted less superficiality, I wanted a real plot and real acting so I could immerse myself in the historic period, which was impossible to do.


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