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Walking Dead Michonne Review

Walking Dead Michonne Review

Telltale has served us with great games having fantastic storylines and characters. The first two Walking Dead series and Tales from Borderlands are some of their finest works. But with Walking Dead Michonne, are they quite up there? We can say yes, partly, because Walking Dead: Michonne gives the same old great gameplay from the older ones. Just like the previous entries, I couldn’t take the fingers off from my phone. At each and every corner and beyond doors I expected walkers or moreover humans trying to take my soul away.

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Walking Dead: Season One made me cry once and after some days it again made me cry so badly with its Season 2. Telltale Games know how to flood our eyes through their brilliant storyline and moreover characters. But when I played the Walking Dead: Michonne, I didn’t get a great storyline and I am very disappointed of it.

When I heard that the game itself has the name of the protagonist, I thought I could find more of Lee or Clementine, but Michonne didn’t quite get to the high-scale of Lee or Clem who invaded our mind with emotions. Michonne is strong, a tough-decision maker and a straight-forward mother who lost her both kids to the walkers in her absence. She is haunted by the kids, throughout the game we enter into hallucinations and could hear dialogues such as “Don’t leave us” and “Mommy where are you?”.

These factors appear frequently, while you see a ‘dino’ toy or while in a walker fight. With all this hallucinations, I expected something is there for the kids that the game wants us to tell, something I could expect during the last part of the game. But the game doesn’t even show how much relationship they had in between which made me feel like ‘oh the kids again?’ each time I encountered them.

walking dead michonne

Michonne is the toughest character in the Walking Dead series

As I said, Michonne is strong in physique, she could kill uncountable number of walkers with her katana, she is ready for a straight attack even if their are armed forces around, but still she tries to fire a bullet through her head during the prologue describing that she is weak after all. While the antagonists Norma, who runs an armed colony with people to work and full of resources, and her merciless brother Randall (who doesn’t get as high as Carver from Season 2), speaks about their great talents and how wise they really are but doesn’t really show it during the climax. Randall, after all get caught up so easily during the last part and is killed.

Walking Dead: Michonne shows more of humans in that world than the walkers. In the older Walking Dead games, we feared of walkers as well. A walker meant a problem for Lee and his crew and for Clementine. But with Michonne in controls, I was like ‘why are there any walkers around so I can cover my katana with blood’.


Walking Dead: Michonne offers same gameplay from the previous games. The gameplay lasts for 4 hours and I got to experience the different choices that the game offered. But unlike the previous entries, Walking Dead: Michonne does not offer story changing choices. In Walking Dead: Season 2, we can choose who we want to be with and the gameplay as well as the storyline changes accordingly. But WD: Michonne offers mere choices just to show us that there is some choices you can take.

In WD S2, there are a total of seven endings each one according to our choice, but in Michonne we can find choices like, ‘escape on stealth mode or bash straight away attacking’ which in turn both will produce the same results. These types of choices are plenty in earlier WD games but a strong decision-making situation which will alter the gameplay or characters is not present in Michonne.

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This duffel bag creates more problems than you think

I played WD: Michonne on my Motorola Moto G 3rd Generation, which carries Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410 with Adreno 306 GPU and a quad-core 1.4GHz CPU. With this specification, I was able to play WD: Michonne with less difficulty and without any disturbing judders and I recommend this specs as the minimum for this game. Again I tested the game on Moto G 4th Generation which carries almost double the specs of G3 (Qualcomm MSM8952 Snapdragon 617 with Octa-core 4×1.5 GHz CPU and Adreno 405 GPU) and I played with no problems at all. For Android, the game uses the similar touch and drag mechanism, with action scenes requiring some sliding actions. Controls for other platforms remains the same.


Walking Dead: Michonne makes us not to forget the series and to get ready for Season 3. But we could only remember this game just like the 400 Days DLC. The game tries to create an area for Michonne, but we will shed our emotions for its other characters instead. Unlike previous games, attacking sequence doesn’t require any tensions at all.

Certainly, Walking Dead: Michonne is a ‘gap-filling’ release before the next main installment arrives. But I am very happy to experience another touch of that zombie-invested world, with the same gameplay options and walkers.

What do you think about Walking Dead: Michonne? Write it in the comments below..


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