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Last Chance to Get These Free Games For December

Last Chance to Get These Free Games For December

Every month, Xbox Live Gold members will get four paid games for free till the end of their subscription. Microsoft is offering some great titles as part of the GwG program lately and apart from free games, Gold members can also enjoy the online portions of any game they own on their Xbox One or 360 consoles.

Also, now with the Backwards Compatibility program, the freebies allotted for Xbox 360 as part of the GwG program can also be claimed for the Xbox One console. That makes four free games even if you don’t own Xbox 360.

december games with gold


The free games for December include Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, Outlast, Outland, and Burnout: Paradise. Of these, only Outland has expired from the Games with Gold program (Dec. 1st-15th). All other titles including Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition and Burnout: Paradise can be claimed till December 31st. Hurry up, if you haven’t grabbed these awesome games yet! As for Outlast, you can pick it up for free until January 15th after which it will get expired.

A brief note about these unexpired games

  1. Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition: This one takes you to Tokyo, allowing you to experience the crime bosses of the beautiful open-world. The Definitive Edition further upscale the already beautiful map and the characters. Sleeping Dogs is well known for its fighting techniques. The game uses the tradition martial arts fighting system as the game is based on Japan. The missions are also beautifully architectured. A recommended one for those who haven’t played yet.last chance
  2. Outlast: Outlast is a first-person horror title which I recommend you to play with your lights on. Kindly light-hearted guys should keep away from this one. The game places you in the role of a journalist who breaks into a psychiatric asylum for an investigation about their processes.
  3. Burnout Paradise– Another recommended title for this month. Burnout Paradise lets you race in its great open-world map. Or you can go online and enjoy some multiplayer treat. Burnout Paradise is a backward compatible title.Burnout Paradise 2

Great list right! Why not check out next month’s free games?

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