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Smite Artemis Build

Smite Artemis Build

Who is Artemis?

Artemis is the actual first ADC God ever introduced. As such she has gone trough many changes and quite significant build alterations over the years. In this article, I’m going be talking about my favorite build style that might not be as popular these days as it was not that long ago.

The Smite Artemis Build (second half of season 3)

Even though the meta has shifted hard over the past 2-3 months, I still go for the ‘transcendence’ build. Many would argue that this is past now and that this build isn’t viable nowadays. However, I encourage you all to try it out once again, and for all of those that don’t know what the heck am I talking about, let’s get right into it…

Starting items:

-Charged Morningstar (tier 2 of Transcendence)
-3 Health Pots
-3 Mana Pots

Smite Artemis God Build

Starting items

-Relic: Purification, Sanctuary or if your really bold Meditation
Play style: opting to go this route makes Artemis really squishy and support dependent. Your poke won’t be even close to your opponents so make sure you stay back and farm safely. If you make it trough this period of the game without deaths you’re almost guaranteed to hit like a truck mid and late game.

Mid game:

-Upgrade your Charged Morningstar as soon as you can and start stacking immediately
-Warrior Tabi

Smite Artemis Build

Core items

In the first part of the mid game (around 7-9 minute), Artemis is still pretty weak in comparison to some more traditional ADC build. Use this time to push your farm efficiency even harder. As soon as you can get Ichival after your Warrior Tabi followed by Asi. When you finally manage to do this expect you damage to sky-rocket making you the most powerful God on the Battleground.

Late game:

-After Asi go for Rage
-Wind Demon
-Finally, replace your Ichival with Titan’s Bane or Deathbringer if you have lots of spare coins

Smite Artemis Build season 3

Final build


At this stage, Artemis should be 2-3 shooting opposite ADC’s as well as Junglers and Middlaners. Going for Rage and Wind Demon utilizes Artemis’s passive ability to stack critical chance. However, she is still very team dependent as she doesn’t have any real way of disengaging other than staying and shooting her way out. If player thoughtfully and with great care she can be the real carry as she should.

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