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Attack on Titan: One of the most awaited games of 2016

Attack on Titan: One of the most awaited games of 2016

The introduction of Attack on Titan to the Western world led to its immense popularity. It became a huge success for its anime and manga series. And why not? The series consist of one of the most unique plots involving action, gore, drama, and thrill. Anime are well-known for such traits in their artwork and AOT offered it all. If you are an Otaku (anime and manga lover) then you do understand how big a news this is. We are talking about the recent release Attack on Titan game for the PC, PS3, PS4, PS Vita and Xbox One. Now, get ready for the Attack on Titan review.

There have not been many games developed over the series. Maybe, developers had less time to create them. After all, the series was born in 2009. So, a lot of time has not passed for the games that came out. Plus, the previous games in the series were not that intensive for gameplay. If you tried the previous titles, then you must have felt imperfections in them.  They were not well developed. They lacked depth in the plot, gameplay, and graphics. But, the latest Attack on Titan is much promising than them.

AOT does offer a great improvement over the previous ones. But, it still needs to offer more to make it exciting for a longer duration. In other words, you will enjoy the committed game. And, it resembles the fighting styles and layouts as seen in anime. Despite it all, it still is not perfect.  The lack of action except a few moves might bore you after a few hours of playing. AOT enables players to enjoy attacking the humongous titans in the cities as well as beyond. Completing various missions with a similar aim makes it boring at times. No doubt, developers can polish the technical imperfections through upcoming games in the series. After all, we do enjoy the concept it brought with the beautiful graphics it possesses.

Attack on Titan - 1


Attack on Titan gameplay


Attack on Titan offers similar circumstances that had taken place in the anime as well as the manga. For instance, you get to play the plot like the one in the first season of the animated series. But, then it deflects to a plot as seen in the manga. This kills off the second season story plot from the game. You get to use your Omni-directional mobility Gear in the game as well as a horse to travel around. This utility gear does sound cool and offers a similar usage as in the manga and anime. The story continues through a mission-based gaming scenario. You can choose a player through the city and beyond.  Besides the main missions, you also get to do side missions in the game. These consist of killing titans, saving or escorting hostages most of the time.

You are also offered with a map system in the game. It will highlight your position and the destination where you will find you mission aim. You will also see Titans on the map highlighted in red color. Another feature as seen in the manga and anime is the use of emergency beacons. These come in various colors to call upon soldiers for help them when needed.


Unrealistic Game Logic experienced at some places


Even the limited supply of gas tanks to power these gears up are present. But, you will realize that it just offers a swinging experience through the area. It is faster than that unusual horse which keeps following you wherever you go. And that too, with lightning-fast speed. The horse’s speed might be an exaggeration. But, such unrealistic features in the game might make you feel the same. Furthermore, you will love fighting off those huge Titans who roam around in the area. You will also enjoy hunting them down by slicing off their napes behind the neck for sure.

attack on titan - 3

The addition of other tools to help fight these monsters is also there. You get to throw smoke bombs and drop fire upon them.  But, players might not be patient enough to be tactical while battling them. All you would feel like doing is using your traversal system and slicing those huge necks from the back.


Lack of missions:


As stated above, you will find that most missions, whether main or side, are quite similar. Moving from one point to other killing titans is what you’ll be doing the majority of the game. Even if there had been a nice plot added to it, it would have still made sense. But, that in-depth plot is missing as well. After completing a set of objectives for a mission, you get to fight the boss. But, even though it is bigger in size, it still feels the same as the other smaller titans. And, the moves to take it down are also the same making it boring at times.

You do get a variety of familiar titans as seen in the manga and anime series. But, the strategy involving taking them down, even the armored Titan, is the same. Another disappointment at hand is the difficulty level. Even if you are set on the highest level of difficulty, you find little changes in the gameplay. Cut scenes lack the depth as well. Most feature characters just standing and talking to each other without moving much. You get a multiplayer mode as well. But, the mode is not that exciting. Your slinging speed is too much that you easily overtake your teammates to reach a goal. This restricts non-AI teammates to reach you for carrying out a coop attack on the titan. This too will bore you out.


attack on titan - 4

The verdict:


In a nutshell, Attack on Titan offers a simple game with beautiful graphics. You might feel that you get limited movement in the game but it still is fun to play. You will fight titans and travel using ODM gear through the city walls and forest. This will offer you an immersive experience up to some level. But, that will only feel great if you can avoid that imperfection present in the game. Overall, it does offer entertainment, at least to the ones who love the anime and manga series.

Besides, You could get bored after some playing time if you are oblivious to the series. Surely, the game gets credit for the commitment to the series. Future projects to look promising. But, that can only happen if they realize the flaws. Let’s hope for the best in the upcoming ones. Attack on Titan is a great game to experience the environment as in the manga and anime.


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