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Dark Souls 2 Review

Dark Souls 2 Review

The day dark souls 2 was first released, it was a few months after the release of next gen consoles. I held my breath and … What, no xbox one variation? I was soooo tempted to buy the xbox360 variation but rather went with other titles. Despair and darkness overwhelmed me at the loss … For all intents and functions, my gaming soul was lost. However in time, the fires grew a little brighter and in April 2015 my mankind was restored when a next gen version was released.


I had actually heard evaluations on the last gen that graphically the game was doing not have in places, if that is the case, it definitely isn’t real of DS2 on the XONE. You get a real sense for atmosphere from the music and graphics. A sense of depth when peering at a far off tower a sense of wonder and wonder watching your ruthless opponents let loose unholy hell on you frail breakable body.


Like its predecessor, DS2 is mainly unforgiving, frustrations are plentiful when your life bar max decreases whenever you pass away. This can be undone however by restoring your mankind with one of the human efforgies found throughout the lands. This more difficult difficulty is offset by the much easier travelling which you can restore your humanity at any time, you do not need to wait until you are at a bonfire. The fight is improved, slicker, less glitchy. The jumping mechanism has likewise been made more trustworthy. Deaths are more typically through bad judgement rather than poor gameplay.


The story seems more reasonable this time around. I was not baffled by the jargon and lingo utilized by the numerous uncommon characters I have up until now encountered.


This has ended up being a need to have for a hardened player, and by that I imply one with persistence and gratitude for the numerous years of effort took into producing a modern day work of art. Well done FROM SOFTWARE, you’ve done it once again. Now where did I put that Estus flask?

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