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Day of Infamy – Alpha Review

Day of Infamy – Alpha Review

What is Day of Infamy?

Day of Infamy is the second game of an already known team – New World Interactive. These are of course the guys behind Insurgency, a highly realistic modern first-person shooter.
Couple of month ago they brought us a mod for that exact game. Instead of modern military setting, mod featured World War II ambient with corresponding features and mechanics. It was an instant hit in Insurgency community. So after some time they decided to create a standalone version of this mod. And that’s how Day of Infamy was born.
At its core it’s an realistic, immersive but also punishing game.

Main features

Day of Infamy is currently in buy to play Alpha so many features that might come in future are currently not there but the core gameplay shouldn’t change. This review is of the game that’s currently available and everything I say should be taken with a pinch of salt as some things could and will change. Do note that a review copy of the game was provided to me by the developer. For that I’m grateful but that won’t effect my opinion and ultimately this review in any way!
Day of Infamy, like Insurgency, has Multiplayer and Cooperative mode, with a Singleplayer missions to top it off. In text that follows I’ll do my best to explain every one of them.

Multiplayer Battles

Day of Infamy

Dated but immersive

There are currently 16 multiplayer maps, over 20 weapons and 9 game modes. However, like in every game there are some better maps and modes that make others cycle less but that’s nothing new. So expect to be effectively playing 8-10 maps on a regular basis. Dominant game modes are Rush-like and Domination from Battlefield franchise.
Every game starts off with you choosing the side which you want to fight for. As this is a WW2 game there are Germans or Wehrmacht, U.S. Army and Commonwealth Army. Sides play out similarly but with every having unique weapons.
After that you need to choose your class and modify its kit to your preferences. There are currently 7 classes (officer, riffle man, assault, engineer, support, machine gunner and sniper). Many of these share some weapons with other classes. But they all feel different. For example, a riffle man and a sniper have the same weapon with difference being that the sniper can equip 7x scope and riffle man can have a bayonet. Engineer is probably the most unique of them all. He can use portable flamethrower, which does have some game play issues though. The flames often clip trough some edgy surfaces, killing everyone on the other side. Officer on the other hand can call in smoke and HE grenade barrages. But there can be only 1 officer in a squad. Sniper is in my opinion the game breaker. This is because he can use that 7x scope that I talked about earlier. Making him the only class that has a scope of any sort, and in general a killing machine. But he can also hinder the whole team if not used properly as with great power comes great responsibility. So there’s some re-balancing to be done in my opinion.

Singleplayer Missions

Day of Infamy

Grenade launcher in World War II? #game_knowledge

This is a skip for me. I player it for an hour or so. In the end I quit without completing any missions. All 3 factions have their own missions. Currently there are 7 of them for Germans and the Americans, while Commonwealth Army has only 5. There isn’t any story behind these missions. They are often just go there do that, then come here do this. The only part I did like about them is when you get killed the mission doesn’t restart. Instead you just switch bodies with a living comrade. Not realistic but really interesting. Other than that there isn’t much fun for me here. The A.I. is dumb as night, running around like fly without a brain. There are 2 difficulty levels in all 3 main game modes, Grit being the go to one. There, friendly fire is on and realistic with it. In my opinion this is the way to play the game.

Cooperative Combat

Day of Infamy

Call of Duty flashbacks…Just on the other point of the gun

The game also features up to 8 player co-op experience. This game mode is similar to Singleplayer Mission. The difference is that you can play with your friend(s). The only unique mechanic that I saw in this mode and that’s not in the other modes is the reinforcement mechanic. Everyone who player Insurgency should know how re-spawning works. They did this in wave-like manner where after X amount of seconds everyone that died recently gets up and running again, at the same time as everyone else. Well, in co-op that’s not the case. For you to re-spawn an alive teammate must go back to a certain point on the map where reinforcement can arrive and only then you’ll be in the fight again.

My overall opinion

Day of Infamy

British grenade launcher on a German gun, hmm…interesting

For me the strong point of Day of Infamy lies at its multiplayer. It’s as exciting and edgy as the one in the Insurgency. Graphically the game does look a bit dated, especially when compared to some other military shooters nowadays. Game play wise there are some small issues. For example the sound of footsteps is way to bloody loud making it almost as dominant as the gun sounds. The balancing of sniper class is a must in my eyes. Other than that I think the game is an excellent ‘Saving private Ryan’ moments generator. It offers everything this type of game should and for the asking price it’s well worth it. However, if you already own Insurgency there isn’t anything special about this game when compared to it. Especially when the WW2 mod is still in Insurgency. But, the Day of Infamy is still in Alpha and knowing the way the dev team treats their products and the community in general I can already see the bright future that this title has.

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