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Dead Rising 4 Takes Us Back To The Mall

Dead Rising 4 Takes Us Back To The Mall

In Dead Rising 4 Frank West is still a photojournalist that a lot of you will remember from the original Dead Rising.  Frank is back and taking us for a lovely stroll thru the Willamette Memorial Megaplex.



Now I know what your wondering… Why would Frank ever come back?

He’s moved on and covers military type testing and conspiracy theories.  And seriously, it’s just not a good military test gone bad without a ton zombies with special abilities trying to eat you?  You also have that pesky military bunch to mess with.

What’s Up with the Tech Suit?


That’s right folks!  Dead Rising 4 has gone Call of Duty in this one.

So, when all else fails, strap that special suit on and get to doing what you do best.  Knock some heads.  They’ve got all kinds of crazy weapons and items throughout the game to take care of that zombie problem and destroy some property.  By the way, it’s Christmas time.

It’s just not Dead Rising without all the sweet weapons and mass destruction.  So be sure to check it out!

Happy Hunting!


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