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The Flame In The Flood Guide

The Flame In The Flood Guide

The Flame In The Flood Guide can lead you through an unforgiving game where even a slight mistake can have inordinate consequences, where focus must not wander even for a minute. A survival simulator, in which you’ll cherish every passing day you stayed alive, and in which you’ll have to figure out ways of not getting yourself killed without any hint, help, or a guiding hand. For these reasons, we decided to help all players with this relatively short, but potentially very helpful guide. Stay with us and find out how to survive in the unforgiving world of The Flame In The Flood.

Be very careful about what you leave behind

The Flame In THe Flood 12

In The Flame In The Flood, there’s no backtracking. Once you leave a location, you won’t be able to return. Coupled with limited inventory space, this can be a great problem, especially when deciding what to pick up, and what to leave behind you. During the early game, focus on essentials, ingredients that will allow you to craft useful tools, water, food, and clothing. And don’t overthink about what to pick and what to leave; in the worst case scenario, you can just sweep and loot everything in one location, and think about what to keep when you arrive at the next one.

Use additional inventory slots

The Flame In THe Flood 16

Remember that your dog has six slots in his inventory, and your raft also has own inventory slots. It’s best to store supplies that you won’t need immediately on your raft (like crafting ingredients for stuff you haven’t picked all parts yet) and use dog’s inventory for stuff you might use while traversing a particular location. After all, it’s better storing stuff on raft than throwing them away since, as we already said, you won’t be able to revisit locations once you leave.

Learn to control your raft

The Flame In THe Flood 10

Rafting is a crucial gameplay element in The Flame In The Flood. It is needed for visiting new locations, and to advance in the game. It is crucial to learn how to steer effectively, in order to avoid many obstacles that’ll get in your way. Many times, death will wait for you on the water, since the raft (especially early in the game, while it’s still without upgrades) is very vulnerable. One wrong move and you can say goodbye. Also, upgrade the raft as soon as you can, since getting better rudder will save you from getting immensely frustrated because steering the raft is much harder than you think.

Listen to the dog

The Flame In THe Flood 18

Your dog, except having additional inventory slots, isn’t really helpful except at warning you about the upcoming dangers. He can smell the wildlife at distance so be careful when he starts barking. Also, he’ll let you know if there’s a supply cache nearby, so it’s crucial to listen to him. Be warned that in a fight, he won’t be of much use.  He’ll just bark at enemies, but that won’t make them go away.

Be very careful with wildlife

Firstly, the only animals that can’t kill you are rabbits and crows (although crows can lure other animals, so they can be responsible for your death). Everything else is a potential danger. Wolves, boars, bears, snakes, even ants are able to send you to the game over screen. Be sure to have traps (or arrows later in the game) in order to defend yourself. Spear traps can exterminate larger foes, while box traps are great for catching snakes. And remember, if you aren’t equipped with traps, run. It’s better to leave supplies untouched than to get killed.

Never waste supplies

The Flame In THe Flood 04

If you aren’t really hungry (in other words if your hunger gauge is above 50) don’t eat. The same goes for thirst. Food is essential, and you never know will you have something to eat the next day. Also, it’s better to sleep in abandoned vehicles, or houses, than to start a campfire and waste precious supplies. If rain starts to fall, find a safe place (like the before mentioned abandoned vehicle) and sleep in it so you don’t get wet. Always have some ailment at your hand, since you’ll get hurt, often. Don’t craft something unless you really need it, especially is playing on survivor difficulty.

That’s all folks. We hope that this guide helped you a bit. Now, go back to The Flame In The Flood, enjoy its phenomenal soundtrack and try to survive for as long as you can.  Be sure to check the Review for more good info on the game.

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