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GTA 5 Review

GTA 5 Review

Grand Theft Auto V is an adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and Rockstar Games. The game is available for PC, Xbox and PlayStation. Now this project is an achievement since it clearly describes the narrator’s perspective which lacked in GTA IV as well as San Andreas. The game comprises of corruption, drug wars, hypocrisy and other problems of America and also targets the modern American reality. It criticizes almost every category such as celebrities, upper class, lower class, etc. Even the modern video games were not given relief in this game which makes it even more interesting.

GTA 5 Graphics

Graphics were one of the major issues reported in GTA IV and also in GTA San Andreas. Grand Theft Auto copes up with this major technical problem and provides the best graphics experience a gamer can ever imagine of. Driving is also appreciably upgraded by the developers. The handling feels even smoother and like the tires are made up of rubber instead of carbon.

GTA 5 Characters

GTA 5 characters

There are three main characters Franklin, Micheal and Trevor which bring in the real suspense in this game. Their presence clearly enlightens the player about what the narrator actually wants to say as they contradicting relationship fascinates the gaming experience. Trevor is exhibited as a man of action and his brave missions hypnotizes the one in front of the screen. The interesting part of this game is that several characters are given several abilities such as Franklin can drive in slow motion which feels like real living.

GTA 5 Maps

GTA 5 Maps

The mapping system was a real challenge for the GTA developers.  But fortunately now you don’t have to drive miles when you fail a mission several times. This takes all the compatible gaming consoles on an extreme level. It fascinates the gamers with such incredible thrills such as the parachute on the top of the highest building and a mountain bike on a barren hill. And indeed, the automobile had a great impression in this edition of GTA. The music selection is also perplexing as it creates drama or suspense where necessary. Some adventures can be captured by your little phone which has the capability to take selfies.

GTA 5 Final Thoughts

The player gets even more desperate as to what he or she will be ending up with since the game is full of drama. Another stunning feature is introduced in this edition. All the GTA 5 missions can be replayed any time, so you can enjoy the chaos you created. GTA V is a dream come true for those gamers who were desperate to have sex pleasures, drugs, thrills and violence in a single game.  Whereas this game promotes sexuality and mafias on a large scale.Indeed this game is technically ambitious. No other video game comes closer to this one as this one is a classic by Rockstar Games.  This the one of the best video games ever made.

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