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Overwatch: Ana Spotlight

Overwatch: Ana Spotlight

Blizzard’s been teasing us for quite some time about new sniper hero coming to game. Finally the wait is over and new character has risen. It turns out that this is her 2nd time she rose to help Overwatch. It’s non other than – Ana. Let’s get stuck into some nerd stats:

General info about Ana

Name: Ana Amari
Gender: Female
Nationality: Egyptian
Age: 60
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Base of operation: Cairo, Egypt
Role: Support
Difficulty: Hard


Overwatch Ana

Biotic Rifle (Default use key: Mouse 1)
This is Ana’s primary weapon. It has a couple of effects. If shot at your teammates it will heal them. On the other hand it will do damage to your desired foes.
Damage: 80
Rate of fire:
Ammo: 6
Reload time:
Headshot: Can’t

Overwatch Ana

Sleep Dart (Default use key: )
This ability allow Ana to mesmerize her foes for a period of time. However, the effect will be broken if anyone inflicts any damage to her mesmerized target.

Overwatch Ana

Biotic Grenade (Default use key: )
Biotic Grenade is one of the few buff/debuff abilities in the game. It acts like a projectile and when tossed it creates a small area of effect. Any ally in that area is healed and will receive increased healing from all sources for a short period of time. If an enemy finds himself in that area he’ll receive damage and won’t be able to heal at all for short period of time.
Debuff time:

Overwatch Ana

Nano Boost (Default use key: Q)
Nano Boost is Ana’s ultimate ability. It acts as a great ally buff. Ana can use Nano Boost on an teammate granting him/her damage output boost, increase in movement speed and damage mitigation for a short period of time.
Movement speed buff:
Damage buff:
Damage mitigation:


I still haven’t had my chance to play Ana since at the time of writing this she isn’t on PTR yet. However, based on ability overview I can give you my thoughts on how she’s going to play out. She belongs to support class with reason, you’ll have to make a great use of her healing capabilities as well as to wisely use your buffs and debuffs. She probably isn’t newbie friendly so I would suggest sticking to other heroes if you’re inexperienced with the game. My estimate is that she won’t see much play in normal queues but she will probably be considered as one of the top picks on Overwatch Pro scene. Ability to buff your allies is very fresh and new mechanic in this game. Eventually someone with far greater sense for the game than me will see her full potential in regards to buffing certain ally heroes. My expectation is that Bastion/Reinhardt/Ana combo will be more viable as now that trio has a solution for long range counter engagements. Which was certainly not the case when Mercy was a part of that hero combo. Ana will probably excel against McCree, Pharah, Symmetra and Zenyatta. She is rated as a hard hero to play by Blizzard and I can for sure see the reasons behind that. Ana is 100% a true support hero that can’t do much on her own so team play will probably be crucial for her success.

Overwatch Ana

Old but deadly!

Fun facts

-Ana is one of the founders of Overwatch
-Ana is currently the oldest hero in the game
-Ana was shot by the Widowmaker. It was for long time believed that she died from wounds of that encounter. However, Ana ‘only’ lost her eye and now she’s back

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