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Overwatch: Hanzo Spotlight

Overwatch: Hanzo Spotlight

Hanzo is one of the deadliest heroes in the game. He’s highly skill dependent and often a DPS backbone is used correctly. However, not many can pull him off with success. Before I try to explain you the general proper way to use him let’s take a closer look at some lesser known facts:

General info about Hanzo

Name: Hanzo Shimada
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Occupation: Mercenary, Assassin
Base of operation:Hanamura, Japan (formerly)
Role: Defense
Difficulty: Hard

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Overwatch Hanzo


Wall Climb (passive ability)
Wall Climb does exactly what it means. Not much to explain here. When Hanzo approaches a wall he can climb over it by pressing the Space button if using default controls layout.

Storm Bow (Default use key: Mouse 1)
Storm Bow is Hanzo’s primary weapon. It’s one of the non hit-scan weapons in the game meaning that he fires a projectile that can miss even if fired with crosshair being right on target. This is because all projectile have travel time. And in that time your target can move or evade your shot in other ways. There are 2 ways of firing Storm Bow. First is by fully charging your arrow by holding use button. When firing like that you’ll have your movement speed reduced. However, an arrow shot this way will deal much more damage, be more accurate with lesser projectile arc, and will travel less time. The other way of firing is just by tapping or not holding use button for long.
Damage when fully charged: 125
Damage uncharged: 29
Travel speed when fully charged: 66.66 m/s
Travel speed when uncharged: 26 m/s
Rate of fire: 0.5 seconds to fully charge, 0.5 seconds delay between shots
Number of arrows: Unlimited
Headshot: Can

Sonic Arrow (Default use key: Shift)
Sonic Arrow is the key ability to support your teammates. However, it’s as deadly as all other Hanzo’s arrows. When fired it emits a spheric field that scans and highlights every enemy in it. It works as an area limited wall hack. Everyone in your team can see foes that step into this field.
Damage: Same as Storm Bow’s
Projectile speed: Same as Storm Bow’s
Area of effect: 10 meter radius
Rate of fire: Same as Storm Bow’s
Cooldown: 20 seconds
Headshot: Can

Scatter Arrow (Default use key: E)
This ability allows Hanzo to fire an fragmenting arrow that scatters everywhere on impact. It can hit multiple foes at the same time thus dealing massive team DPS. It’s great for making your enemies spread out and also for punishing ones that walk into tight corridors. The initial Scatter Arrow deals damage as an regular Storm Bow arrow before scattering. And also it can headshot. But the scattered arrows can’t!
Initial arrow damage: Sam as Storm Bow’s
Scattered arrow damage: 75 per arrow
Number of scattered arrows: 6
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Headshot: Initial arrow can, scattered ones can’t

Dragonstrike (Default use key: Q)
Dragonstrike is Hanzo’s ultimate ability. Also it’s by far the coolest one in the game. It allows Hanzo to fire off an incredibly powerful arrow that transforms itself into DRAGONS, not one but two, mid flight. The damage potential is insane and easily capable of hexakill. Besides great visuals it emits a load roaring sound sowing fear into you enemies bones. But it also serves as an ‘GET OUT THE WAY’ alarm.
Initial arrow damage: 125
Dragon form damage: 200 per second
Area of effect: 4 meters radius
Headshot: Initial arrow can, dragons can’t

Overwatch Hanzo



While Hanzo is generally considered a ‘hard to play good with’ hero, the potential is there. Mastering Hanzo isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination but the payoff if successful is huge. Having a good Hanzo player on your team lifts pressure from other DPS characters allowing them to support the team in other ways. Use your Sonic Arrow wisely as it pretty much provides you with limited but more often Widowmaker’s ultimate. Sonic Arrow can stick to Reinhardt shield thus making him a moving wall hack until he throws his shield down exposing him and his team. Scatter Arrow is a powerful tool for making your foes come out of their cozy camp spots. Always aim your shots at head level since Hanzo is the only character in the game that can headshot with every damaging ability. Dragonstrike is key to success since it’s in my opinion the second most valuable ultimate in game. Use it in combination with Zarya’s or Mei ults. Hanzo is great against: Mercy, Bastion, Pharah and Junkrat. But he can struggle when dealing with: Tracer, D.Va, Zarya, Widowmaker and Ana.

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Fun facts

-Hanzo is Genji’s brother
-His name could be a reference to famous Japanese samurai Hattori Hanzō
-If you equip one of two Wolf skins, Hanzo’s voice line when firing Dragonstrike will change and the dragons will be wolfs


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