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Overwatch: Junkrat Spotlight

Overwatch: Junkrat Spotlight

This time around we’ll be focusing on the most energetic hero in the game. He’s so energetic that he’s literally explosive. That’s right, we’ll be taking a closer look at Junkrat.

General info about Junkrat

Name: Jamison Fawkes
Gender: Male
Nationality: Australian
Age: 25
Occupation: Mercenary, Thief, Demolitionist, Scavenger, Anarchist
Base of operation: Junkertown, Australia (formerly)
Role: Defense
Difficulty: Medium


Overwatch Junkrat


Total Mayhem (passive ability)
Total Mayhem represents Junkrat’s passive ability meaning that he can’t willingly activate it. In order for this to have it’s effect Junkrat must die. When that happens he drops 5 live grenades that explode couple of moments later. These deal significant area of effect damage and can easily drop incautious foes.
Damage: 60 per grenade
Number of grenades: 5
Headshot: Can’t

Frag Launcher (Default use key: Mouse 1)
Frag Launcher is Junkrat’s primary weapon. I’s absolutely devastating when enemies group up. Frag Launcher has extremely high skill cap since the grenades it fires have an arc trajectory and particularly slow projectile speed. Often, good Junkrat players spam their grenades in area they expect their foe to be at. The grenades will bounce 3 times before exploding. In case of direct hit they will explode immediately.
Damage: 120 per grenade in case of direct hit
Area of effect: 2 meters radius
Number of grenades: 5
Rate of fire: 1.66 grenades per second
Reload time: 1.5 seconds
Headshot: Can’t

Concussion Mine (Default use key: Shift)
Concussion Mine is one the most entertaining abilities in game. Its also really effective for what it does. This ability allows Junkrat to place a mine on his desired spot. Thus making it possible for him to activate this ability again to blow up the mine. If an enemy shoots the mine it will blow up.
Damage: 120
Area of effect: 3 meters radius
Duration: until detonated or destroyed
Cooldown: 8 seconds
Headshot: Can’t

Steel Trap (Default use key: E)
This is a great symbiotic ability. In combination with Concussion Mine it can spell doom for all of the Tracers and other heroes with small health pool. You should place the trap in small corridors and map choke points. Over the Steel Trap you can place the Mine and when an enemy activates the trap, on your UI there will be an notification. As soon as you see that notification pops up active your Mine and look at squishy heroes get blown up. Everyone that sets off the trap is immobilized and stunned for a moment.
Damage: 80
Area of effect: 1 meter radius
Duration: 1 second stun and 3 seconds root
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Headshot: Can’t

RIP-Tire (Default use key: Q)
This is Junkrat’s ultimate ability. For couple of seconds Junkrat becomes rooted in place and his first-person perspective shifts to 3rd person. He gets to control his RIP-Tire and navigate in into enemies. When activated, tire emits loud sound alerting all foes that Junkrat has activated it. Every enemy can shoot the tire down before it reaches its destination.
Damage: 600
Tire health: 100
Area of effect: 10 meters radius
Duration: 10 seconds
Headshot: Can’t

Overwatch Junkrat

Boom b**** get out the way! But seriously…


Junkrat is one of the toughest heroes to master. His damage sources are at the best unreliable and the cooldown on his abilities can seem lengthy. Place your trap and your mine in shady spots and commonly used routs. Concussion Mine can be used as a mean of quicker transportation. If you set your mine on the ground and activate it when you’re above it you’ll get a nice height boost. If you jump and then activate this ability you’ll jump even further. Your RIP-Tire can climb walls so use this to you your advantage if you don’t want it to get constantly shoot down by the enemies. Junkrat is great counter to: Traces (but if you miss your Trap you’ll be in hell of a trouble), Winston, Torbjörn and Bastion. Try to avoid Reinhardt, Widowmaker and Hanzo as the’ll make your regret choosing him.

Fun facts:

-Roadhog is Junkrat’s personal bodyguard
-His legendary skins resemble of Joker from the Batman series. At some point in the game Junkrat can say, ”Why so serious?”
-Junkrat can’t hurt himself when activating Concussion Mine

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