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Overwatch: Mei Spotlight

Overwatch: Mei Spotlight

Here we’re gonna be taking an in depth look at one of the most charming Overwatch characters – Mei. First of all lets get stuck into some lesser known nerd info:

General info about Mei

Name: Mei-Ling Zhou
Gender: Female
Nationality: Chinese
Age: 31
Occupation: Climatologist, Adventurer
Base of operation: Xi’an, China (formerly)
Role: Defense
Difficulty: Medium


Overwatch Mei


Endothermic Blaster (Default use key: Mouse 1)
Endothermic Blaster is Mei’s primary way of dealing damage. It represents one of two firing modes of her blaster. Everyone that takes 70 damage from this ability in short period of time is frozen/stunned for a short period of time.
Damage: 2.25 per round
Max effective range: 10 meters
Ammo: 200 (20 per second)
Reload time: 1.5 seconds
Headshot: Can’t

Icicle (Default use key: Mouse 2)
Icicle is secondary firing mode of Mei’s gun. It sends out ice shards that are most effective at close to medium range. They are a great asset to her kit as they represent the only way for her to deal damage to targets more than 10 meters away. Good Mei players often use it after they freeze their enemy and in combination with melee attack it can ramp up some massive DPS.
Damage: 22-75
Rate of fire: 1.8 rounds per second
Ammo usage: 25 per shot
Headshot: Can

Cryo-freeze (Default use key: Shift)
Cryo-freeze is Mei’s survivability injector. It allows her to form thick layer of ice around her. At the same time granting Mei small healing aura and it annul all incoming damage and crowd control effects. Using this wisely can make or break Mei players. While in ice Mei can’t move or use any of her other abilities. She can also cancel this ability prematurely.
Duration: 4 seconds
Healing: 150hp over the full duration
Cooldown: 12 seconds

Ice Wall (Default use key: E)
This is probably the most underrated ability in eyes of new players. Ice Wall allows Mei to influence the geometry of maps so the possibilities of usage are insane. Mei can literally grow an ice wall in front of her in matters of seconds. This is most useful in blocking map routes, other players, incoming damage or it can even serve Mei and her allies to get to some elevated places easier. If Mei look at the ground and jumps while activating Ice Wall she’ll be able to rise herself at the height of the wall. Just this can make a big difference in the way Mei traverses around the map. Ice Wall is consisted of 5 smaller pillars that all act separately.
Health: 500 per pillar
Max casting range: 35 meters
Duration: 4.5 seconds or until destroyed
Cooldown: 10 seconds

Blizzard (Default use key: Q)
Blizzard is Mei’s ultimate ability. She can deploy drone that emits area of effect crown control and damage. All enemies that take enough damage are stunned/frozen solid for a short period of time.
Damage: 97 per 1.5 seconds
Area of effect: 8 meters radius
Duration: 5 seconds
Headshot: Can’t

Overwatch Mei

Brr, freezing


As Mei you job is to control the course of engagement. Using Ice Block as intended is crucial. Mei excels against: Genji, Winston, Traces, Reinhardt. Never focus on Zarya as she will annihilate you. Zarya’s shield is built to counter Mei and it does that effectively. Avoid Widowmaker, Hanzo, Junkrat and Pharah as much as you can. Always aim for head when using Icicle on frozen targets. Be ready to block Reinhardt’s charge ability as Ice Wall will break charging effect. Attack one person at a time. Use Ice Wall to cut the escape path for your enemies when you throw Blizzard. Ice Wall is a great counter to McCree’s ultimate.

Fun facts

-In Chinese Mei means beautiful
-Mei can counter Roadhog’s pull by placing the Ice Wall between him and his catch
-Mei’s drone that emits Blizzard is called Snowball
-Cryo-freeze is a direct counter to D.Va’s ultimate as it takes line of sight for her and her teammates


Mei Cosplay

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