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Overwatch: Mercy Spotlight

Overwatch: Mercy Spotlight

In every good team composition of this meta there has to be a healer. One of the best fits for that spot is of course Mercy. Let’s have a closer look at some of the lessor known facts about this healing machine:

General info about Mercy

Name: Angela Ziegler
Gender: Female
Nationality: Swiss
Age: 37
Occupation: Field Medic,First Responder
Base of operation: Zürich, Switzerland
Role: Support
Difficulty: Easy

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Overwatch Mercy


Angelic Descent (passive ability)
Angelic Descent is Mercy’s passive ability. In itself it’s a complex ability that allows Mercy to do two things: slowly descend when in air by pressing jump button (default space) and to passively regenerate health over time. The second part of this ability is directly influenced by Mercy’s capability to avoid damage for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds without taking any damage her health will start to slowly regenerate.
Healing: 20 health per second

Caduceus Staff (Default use key: Mouse 1 and Mouse 2)
This is arguably Mercy’s primary weapon without really being a weapon. It allow Mercy to heal or to boost damage of her allies. Mercy can alter 2 firing modes of this staff. First firing mode is used by aiming at your nearest ally and holding mouse 1. The effect from this mode will heal your desired ally. The 2nd firing mode is used the same way but this time just by holding mouse 2. This will now significantly boost the damage output of your allies. Switching at the right time is really tricky and requires a lot of practice for mastering.
Healing: 50 per second
Damage boost: +30%

Caduceus Blaster (Default use key: Mouse 1)
After switching from your Staff Mercy will equip a Blaster. At its core it’s really similar to D.Va’s weapon when in human form. It doesn’t do much damage and should be used only in dire situations.
Damage: 20
Rate of fire: 5 rounds per second
Ammo: 20
Reload time: 1 second
Headshot: Can

Guardian Angel (Default use key: Shift)
This ability is one of the best mobility ones in the game. It allows Mercy to catch up to her teammates and provide them with health or damage boost. The short cooldown makes Mercy hard to kill.
Max range: 30 meters
Cooldown: 2 seconds

Resurrect (Default use key: Q)
Resurrect is Mercy’s ultimate ability. It’s probably the most important ultimate in the game since it often shifts tide of battles in Mercy’s favor. It allows her to bring to life all fallen allies. During it’s casting every teammate that’s directly influenced has a invulnerability for a short perios of time.
Healing: Every allie to full health
Casting time: 1 second
Max range: 15 meters

Overwatch Mercy

Heroes never fall!


As I already said Mercy is a great pick in every team composition that doesn’t have a healer. Knowing when to switch your Staff firing modes is a must for every competitive Mercy. I suggest to every newer player just to stick to healing mode until he gets a better grip for the game and wants to improve with her. Good Mercy player won’t ever need to switch to her secondary weapon. That’s a fact! Guardian Angel is a great ability and many Mercy players don’t know everything about it. You can use Guardian Angel even on fallen comrades to get out of the heat of things. As a Mercy you should avoid directly facing any other hero, especially Tracer, Roadhog and Widowmaker as you don’t stand a slightest chance against them.

Fun facts

-Mercy is the one that saved Genji’s life
-For now she’s the only hero that had her voice actress changed

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