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Overwatch: Roadhog Spotlight

Overwatch: Roadhog Spotlight

Finally it’s time to take an in depth look at my most favorite character, Roadhog. He’s the probably the ‘combo’ master since his damage output can be insane if you time everything right. But first some nerdy stats you might not know:

General info about Roadhog

Name: Mako Rutledge
Gender: Male
Nationality: Australian
Age: 48
Occupation: Bodyguard, enforcer (formerly)
Base of operation: Junkertown, Australia (formerly)
Role: Tank
Difficulty: Easy

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Overwatch Roadhog


Scrap Gun (Default use key: Mouse 1 and Mouse 2)
Scrap Gun is Roadhog’s primary weapon. Its has 2 firing modes that you can alter at any time. First one is for engaging close range targets and it fires wide spread of shrapnels that spread out as soon as they leave the chamber. The second firing mode is the one that you’ll be using the most. It allows Roadhog to shoot a cluster of shrapnels that travel together for about 20 meters as one projectile. After that the ball of shrapnels detonates dealing massive damage to foes in near vicinity of the blast radius.
Damage: 4-9 per pellet
Number of pellets per shot: 25
Rate of fire: 1 shot per second for 1st and 0.75 rounds per second for second firing mode
Ammo: 4
Reload time: 1.5 seconds
Headshot: Can

Take a Breather (Default use key: E)
This is an interesting ability since it allows Roadhog to manually heal himself. While activated, it prevents Roadhog from moving and using other abilities.
Healing: 300
Duration: 1 second
Cooldown: 8 seconds

Chain Hook (Default use key: Shift)
Chain Hook separates mans from boys. Roadhog can fire a hook attaching any enemy hero and pulling them towards Roadhog. Unlike many other skill shots this one isn’t projectile based, instead it’s a hit scan ability. Hook can be tricky to land but over the top player and ability hit box models should make your job easier.
Damage: 30
Max range: 20 meters
Cooldown: 6 seconds
Headshot: Can’t

Whole Hog (Default use key: Q)
Whole Hog is Roadhog’s ultimate ability. It’s one of the most interesting abilities in the game but it’s also hard to comprehend in terms of proper usage. It transforms Roadhog’s primary weapon into shrapnel breathing minigun. Roadhog can’t use any other ability while his ult is active and his movement speed is decreased. Every enemy hit by this ability will get knocked away from Roadhog.
Damage: 500 over the duration of 6 seconds
Headshot: Can


Even though Roadhog is classified as a Tank he can often be the best DPS character in the game. Alternating between firing modes of you primary weapon is really important. As Roadhog doesn’t have any movement abilities be sure to use secondary firing mode on foes that are at medium/long range. Roadhog is great against: Pharah, Mercy, Tracer and Reinhardt. But struggles against: D.Va, Genji, Bastion, McCree and Reaper. Don’t use your ultimate just for damage because you won’t get much of it. Instead, use it to push your enemies off the point or payload. Throw as many hooks as you can since the hit box model for that ability isn’t as small as it might seem. Great combo for extreme DPS increase is to use your hook, then shoot once with you primary firing mode and then use your melee.

Overwatch Roadhog

Shred shred shred!

Fun facts:

-Roadhog is Junkrat’s bodyguard
-You can’t see his face in any skin

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