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Overwatch: Soldier: 76 Spotlight

Overwatch: Soldier: 76 Spotlight

Soldier: 76 is one of the most stereotypical heroes in the game. He represents and plays out as a genuine first-person shooter character. But let’s get stuck into some basic hero info first:

General info about Soldier 76

Name: Jack Morrison
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Vigilante, formerly a Soldier and an Overwatch commander
Base of operation: Unknown
Role: Offense
Difficulty: Easy

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Overwatch Soldier: 76


Heavy Pulse Rifle (Default use key: Mouse 1)
Heavy Pulse Rifle is Soldier’s primary weapon. It acts like an usual assault rifle from other first-person shooters. Blizzard aimed for striking overall balance of this weapon. They deliberately created it to resembles weapons from more popular FPSs so newcomers to this game can feel like at home when playing this game.
Damage: 5-17
Damage falloff: 35-55 meters
Rate of fire: 10 rounds per second
Ammo: 25
Reload time: 1.5 seconds or 1 second if you cancel reload animation correctly
Headshot: Can

Helix Rockets (Default use key: Mouse 2)
Helix Rockets are a great asset to Soldier’s primary weapon. They are great at damaging stationary enemies or just for finishing off wounded foes. Helix Rockets fire out of front part of the gun and travel in group. They are relatively easy to hit.
Damage: 120
Damage radius: 2 meter splash radius
Cooldown: 8 seconds
Headshot: Can’t

Sprint (Default use key: Shift)
This is by far the most common ability in other FPSs. Sprint allows Soldier to traverse the battlefield, well, by sprinting across it. The cooldown on the ability almost doesn’t exist so make sure you use this knowledge to your advantage. It’s great for both catching up to your allies or for running away/to your enemies. Be wary that he cannot use any of hit other abilities while sprinting.
Duration: Until canceled

Biotic Field (Default use key: E)
Biotic Field is Soldier’s pocket health pack. It does exactly what is sound as. When you’re low on health you can drop this down and heal yourself as well as your allies. Biotic Filed can’t be destroyed by enemies.
Healing: 40 health per second
Duration: 5 seconds
Max range: 5 meter radius
Cooldown: 15 seconds

Tactical Visor (Default use key: Q)
This is Soldier’s ultimate ability. It serves as a temporarily aimbot. Every foe in your sight when you activate Tactical Visor will be automatically locked-on. This allows Soldier not to miss any rounds. Do note that this ability won’t focus on enemies heads. Rather, it will aim at their chest region thus not allowing you to get those critical headshot hits.
Duration: 6 seconds

Overwatch Soldier: 76

Is this a clue for Overwatch coming to VR?!


Soldier: 76 is a great hero for newcomers. It doesn’t have that high skill cap but it can be played in almost every situation as he’s very well balanced. This also means that he isn’t the best hero in any situation but he can outplay most characters by just positioning carefully. Soldier: 76 is great against: Pharah, Mercy and Torbjörn. Don’t engage on Mei, Genji and Tracer as they tend to give you the short end of the stick.
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Fun facts

-Genji can reflect you Biotic Field away from you when trying to place it down
-Helix Rockets do use locking-on ability but they won’t follow the target like bullets will
-If you stand in radius of your Biotic Field but break line of sight to it, it won’t heal you
-Tactical Visor will automatically reload your weapon when you activate it

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