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Overwatch: Symmetra Spotlight

Overwatch: Symmetra Spotlight

Symmetra is one of the less interesting heroes currently in the game. However, she does have some team play potential and some mechanics and tactics worth explaining. But as always lets take a closer look at some nerd stats first:

General info about Symmetra

Name: Satya Vaswani
Gender: Female
Nationality: Indian
Age: 28
Occupation: Architech
Base of operation: Utopaea, India
Role: Support
Difficulty: Medium

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Overwatch Symmetra


Photon Projector (Default use key: Mouse 1)
Photon Projector is Symmetra’s primary weapon. At its core it’s probably the most complex weapon in the game. It has 2 firing modes. In first one the projectile is in form of a beam that locks on nearby targets. The longer you keep damaging your foe this way the more damage you’ll deal. There are 3 levels that mark the damage. First being the starting one that deals lowest damage. Every 1 second you keep your beam on the enemy the level will increase. Third level is the highest and by that time Photon Projector will deal 4 times damage of the first level. If beam breaks at level 3 the weapon will reset to level 1.
Damage: 30/60/120 per level
Max level: 3
Max range: 5 meters
Rate of fire: 7 rounds per second
Ammo: 100
Reload time: 1 second
Headshot: Can’t

Energy Ball (Default use key: Mouse 2)
Energy Ball is 2nd firing mord of Symmetra’s primary weapon. It allows her to shoot balls of energy at her enemies. This balls can be charged up to do more damage. However, the more charged up the ball is the slower it will travel. Energy Ball can pass trough every shield and enemy but can’t pass trough walls.
Damage: 125 when fully charged, 25 when not charged
Ammo usage: 10 rounds per second casting, 20 rounds when fully charged
Ammo: 100
Reload time: 1 second
Headshot: Can’t

Sentry Turret (Default use key: Shift)
Sentry Turret is Symmetra’s ability to set up AI controlled turrets that will damage and slow any enemy nearby. Symmetra can have 6 of this set up at any time. The damage and slow effects stack up between multiple turrets so placing them in groups at certain parts of the map might be a good idea.
Damage: 25 per second
Max range: 10 meters
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Headshot: Can’t

Photon Shield (Default use key: E)
This is Symmetra’s support ability that allows get to give energy shields to her allies. The health of these shields isn’t that great but you would be surprised how much they make squishy targets more endurable. The Photon Shield will remain on your ally even if you die. It will finally disappear when your teammate dies.
Shield Health: 25
Max range: 20 meters
Duration: Until target dies
Cooldown: 1 second

Teleporter (Default use key: Q)
Teleporter is Symmetra’s ultimate ability. It allows Symmetra to place an Teleporter exit at her desired spot. This will cut walking time of your allies and you by a lot thus keeping the body count on the battlefield at all times as high as possible. However, Teleporter has only 6 charges after which it will have to be replaced.
Health: 200
Uses: 6


Overwatch Symmetra

Teleporter online!

Symmetra is a peculiar support hero. Her primary weapon is great for close range engagements but lacks with reliable mid/long range damage. Photon Shield is a great ability that you can spam every 1 second so keep that in mind. Teleporter placement is something that you’ll learn over time. Do note that the arrow when placing teleporter points in direction your teammates and you will be facing after using it. Symmetra is great against: D.Va, Tracer, Reinhardt and Zenyatta. However, she will struggle against: Roadhog, Junkrat and Winston.

Fun facts

-Symmetra is considered to be a villain in Overwatch universe
-She’s the least favorite and picked hero currently
-She has the best winrate at the time of writing this

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