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Overwatch: Zenyatta Spotlight

Overwatch: Zenyatta Spotlight

Zenyatta is my least favorite hero. That’s primarily because he lacks interesting and before unseen abilities. However, before I get deeper into critique let’s take a closer look at some of the lesser known facts:

General info about Zenyatta

Name: Tekhartha Zenyatta
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Occupation: Wandering Guru, Adventurer
Base of operation:Shambali Monastery, Nepal (formerly)
Role: Support
Difficulty: Hard

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Overwatch Zenyatta


Orb of Destruction (Default use key: Mouse 1)
Orb of Destruction is Zenyatta’s primary weapon and source of damage. He fires an orb that acts like a projectile. Practicing your aim when using this ability is important as it will allow you mechanically learn travel time and other projectile characteristics.
Damage: 40
Orb speed: 66.66 meters per second
Rate of fire: 2.5 rounds per second
Orbs: 20
Reload time: 2 seconds
Headshot: Can

Orb Volley (Default use key: Mouse 2)
This is Zenyatta’s secondary firing mode. By holding down use button he can charge up to 5 orbs and throw them at his enemies causing massive damage.
Damage: 40 per orb, max 400 per volley
Projectile speed: 66.66 meters per second
Rate of fire: 1.1 seconds when uncharged, 4 seconds when fully charged
Number of orbs: 20
Orb usage: max 5 per volley
Reload time: 2 seconds
Headshot: Can

Orb of Harmony (Default use key: Shift)
This ability allows Zenyatta to heal his aliies. He throws an orb at one of his teammates and heals that ally passively as long as he has a line of sight to that ally. If you or your target die the healing stop.
Healing: 30 health per second
Orb speed: 106.66 meters per second
Max range: 40 meters
Number of active orbs: 1 at a time
Duration: 3 seconds when out of sight

Orb of Discord (Default use key: E)
Orb of Discord is an debuff ability that makes your foes suffer greatly. When Zenyatty attaches a Discord orb to an enemy that target will receive much greater damage from all sources. If Zenyatta looses line of sight of his enemy the orb will return to him after 3 seconds.
Damage: +50%
Orb speed: 106.66 meters per second
Max range: 40 meters
Max active orbs: 1 at a time
Duration: 3 seconds when out of sight

Transcendence (Default use key: Q)
This is Zenyatta’s ultimate ability. When activated it grants him significant movement speed buff along side wide spheric area of effect that heals him as well as his alies. While in this form Zenyatta can’t use his other abilities or his orbs.
Healing: 300 health per second
Movement speed: 11 meters per second
Max range: 10 meters radius
Duration: 6 seconds


Overwatch Zenyatta

Experience tranquility!

Zenyatta was for long time one of the most under performing heroes in the game. Couple of days ago Blizzard gave this character much need love making him viable pick again. However, he’s still a extremely difficult hero to play well with. He can struggle when engaging: Tracer, Reaper, Roadhog, Widowmaker and most of all Ana. But he’s excellent against: Symmetra, Lucio and Mercy. Avoid using your ultimate ability if you know opposite team Ana didn’t use her healing debuff. Always try to stay back and actively communicate with your team as he’s extremely vulnerable and team dependent.

Fun facts

-Zenyatta’s name is a play of words. The ‘Zen’ is Japanese name for Chan Buddhism. The rest of his name is “Śūnyatā” and that’s in Pali ’emptiness’
-Zenyatta has the one of the lowest ‘pick’ rates in the game as the players choose him every 4th game
-He has one the best ‘on fire’ time of all heroes

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