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Our Top Picks From 2016- Consoles

Our Top Picks From 2016- Consoles

Here’s our list of the best consoles of 2016. Also, check out our Top 5 Shooters and Open World titles of 2016.

2016 is coming to an end. Christmas is our neighbor now and it’s a perfect time to give your children some great gaming gifts. So here we are with full dedication, providing you the best video game items to pick up for your kids this holiday.

If we missed any console of your choice, please do comment below.

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#3: PlayStation 4

Sony had a very busy year. They released two consoles, the PlayStation Slim and Pro and also their virtual reality headset, the PSVR. Speaking about the PS4, it is the eldest of all console in terms of sales, passing the 50 million record ahead of their rival Xbox One. The PS4 has a great line-up of exclusives such as the newly released The Last Guardian, Uncharted 4 and Bloodborne. Also, PS4 is yet the best console when it comes to indie titles.

The price range is also now very affordable, making it a recommended one for starters. The PS4 also provides a 500Gb minimum internal HDD and can be expanded by spending some time with it removing the screws. The sleek and half-matte half-glossy finish is one beauty to be highlighted. The slimness makes placing it easier than the Xbox One. The PS4 has one of the best user-interface in a console making us create folders for keeping their library accordingly. But the best part is, it supports HDR. Although a slim version of PS4 has been released, apart from its looks, it serves just like the older one.

The DualShock controller is a great improvement from the PS3 but not as good as the Xbox One controller yet. The light bar annoys me mostly when playing with the room lights off. The PS Camera is not as good as its counterpart, the Kinect 2.0. It only supports fewer commands and fails in face recognition.

Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment

Christmas Price: $299


#2: Xbox One S

Xbox One S is what the original Xbox One should have been. Packing an in-built 4K BluRay player and HDR for more vibrant colors, the Xbox One S is the cheapest yet modern hardware. The overall Xbox One sale boosted up since the release of the Xbox One S. The last four months including the Black Friday were dominated by this console.

Forty percent smaller than the original console, the Xbox One for its price includes more. with a new HDR-upscaling technology, those who own a 4K TV will never get a last-gen feel anymore. Also, the Xbox One S includes a built-in 4K BluRay player which, the player itself costs around $200 and the Xbox One S carrying a next-gen gaming hardware with it only costs $249. The controller was already great and with Xbox One S it comes with new grips to hold. Xbox One S features a white color pattern, which gives the overall package a trendy look. Providing up to 2TB storage, you can also connect an external HDD and increase your space without any fuss. The console can be kept in a vertical position with an extra stand that comes free with the 2TB version.

Xbox One has the best exclusives of the two. The main deal is it carries one or more outstanding game from every category. Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport for open-world and track based racing respectively. Quantum Break for RPGs, Halo and Gears of War for shooting and titles like the upcoming Sea of Thieves for open world multiplayer experience. In terms of online experience, Xbox Live serves better. Not to mention the Backwards Compatibility program, which allows you to play your old Xbox 360 games on your new console. The program includes more than 300 titles including fan favorite Red Dead Redemption, Call of Duty: Black Ops and more. EA Access subscription is also exclusive to Xbox One as of now, which provides more than 35 EA titles for free and some extra features.

The Kinect is kind of avoided from this console as existing Kinect owners need to buy an extra adapter to plug it in. As for the standard Kinect verdict, it’s useful to sign-in automatically and for scanning codes but fails in games. Now with Cortana included, speech recognition is better.

Developer: Microsoft

Christmas Price: $249


#1: PlayStation 4 Pro

Carrying a hefty 4.20 teraflops of GPU and overall twice the power of the original PS4, this thing will surely make every gamer jump up high. The main addition is the ability to play games at 4K resolution. Many developers have started to work with their titles so that the Pro can take advantage of. Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, Battlefield 1, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare are some of the games that can be played on 4K resolution on Pro right now. Also the upcoming Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone will also be supporting the new Pro mode.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is the most powerful console now on the market and it provides future-proof for at least the next two years. Also, PS4 Pro is the best console to play VR games if you look into that experience. Although the PS4 Pro is behind the Project Scorpio in terms of specs, it is the only way to experience the great World War I in Battlefield or the apocalypse of the upcoming Days Gone in 4K. I don’t need to say this but games you own for your original PS4 will also work with the Pro.

But unless you have a 4K TV, you don’t need a PS4 Pro. But that doesn’t mean that those who don’t own a 4K TV will not benefit much. PS4 Pro perform better than the original PS4 when playing with 1080p TVs. As the best pick from us, we recommend PS4 Pro to anyone who is going to buy a console in 2016, if you can afford. Else, the Xbox One S will satisfy you the same.

Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment

Christmas Price: $399


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