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Our Top 5 Picks From 2016- Open World Games

Our Top 5 Picks From 2016- Open World Games

Here’s our Top 5 lists for the best open world games of 2016. Also check out our Top 5 Shooters of 2016.

2016 is coming to an end. Christmas is our neighbor now and its a perfect time to give your children some great gaming gifts. So here we are with full dedication, providing you the best video game items to pick up for your kids this holiday.

Please be aware that some items may be age limited, mainly which includes violence, harsh languages and pornography. But don’t worry, each item we list here will be certified by ESRB system (Click the link to know the guidelines and T&C for ESRB). All scores provided for each product is for the Xbox One console from Metacritic.

If we missed any game, please do comment below.

#5: Tom Clancy’s The Division

the division survival

Even though The Division lagged a little at launch due to its repetitiveness and enemy AIs, now Ubisoft has patched the game with some nice DLCs. Both the Underground DLC and the Survival DLC rose high up to fans’ expectation. The Division allows you and other three players to join co-op and take on enemy AIs in a devastating New York City while you can go PvP on the Dark Zone. As an open-world game, the Division is large enough for its map.

Publisher: Ubisoft

Age Rating: Mature

Metacritic score: 80


#4: Dark Souls 3

dark souls 3

“Dark Souls 3: A very difficult road. But the light at the end of the tunnel. Art imitates life. Life imitates art.”- Dark Souls 3 verdict from Eric Davies for Gamer Prompt. This open world game does great for its large map and also for its combat. Read our in-depth review to know more.

Developer: FromSoftware

Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment

Age Rating: Mature

Metacritic score: 89


#3: Hitman- The Complete First Season


Although Hitman is not an open -world title, it is a large sandbox game comprising of various opportunities. Hitman is now episodic. The first season includes about 100 hours and the enjoyment doesn’t die out there. This game has the best replay value for a sandbox title.

“In a general thought, Hitman is quite a great game, with a good character development, defined roles and rules and generally fun to participate in it.”- Read our review for more.

Developer: IO Interactive

Publisher: Square Enix

Age rating: Mature

Metacritic score: 80 (average)

NOTE: Hitman- The Complete First Season’s physical copy will only be available from January 31, 2017. You can grab your digital copy from here.


#2: Watch Dogs 2

open world games

Providing a stunning and realistic Bay Area to explore and hack with, Watch Dogs 2 is one of the best engrossing titles of this year. Watch Dogs 2 provides a fun gameplay, upgraded hacking experience and some cool toys to cause chaos along the Bay Area.

Our review verdicts, “Watch Dogs 2 offers great fun even in offline mode. Even exploring and sight-seeing the magnificent Bay Area will skip a couple of hours from your day and driving’s overall better than the first game.

Hacking at its best.”

Publisher: Ubisoft

Age Rating: Mature

Metacritic score: 83


#1: Forza Horizon 3

open world games

While Forza Horizon 2 out shined every other open-world racing game, Forza Horizon 3 takes you to Australia, where you are given the authority to conduct the Horizon Festival. With more than 350 cars to play with, you will never get tired at all. Forza Horizon 3 also provides a co-op mode where four players can roam around the pretty Australia to do some campaign jobs and races.

NOTE: Forza Horizon 3 is a Windows 10 and Xbox one exclusive.

Developer: Turn 10 Studios, Playground Games

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Age Rating: Everyone

Metacritic score: 91


Stay tuned for our next Top Picks!

Which one do you think is the best open-world game of 2016? Comment below..

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