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Hearthstone – Heroic Brawl Overview

Hearthstone – Heroic Brawl Overview

As you all probably already know Hearthstone, Blizzards take on Card Collecting genre, which was released about 3 years ago brought us something completely new and unseen before.

What is Heroic Brawl?

Well, first of all I ought to use past simple tense as you can’t play this gamemode anymore.
Heroic Brawl was, as the name suggests, a time limited replacement for Brawl mode. Last week instead of regular Brawl we had Heroic one which unfortunately didn’t reward players for achieving their first victory. This is because there was a strict and expensive fee to be able to play this gamemode at all. This fee was around 9.99 USD or 1000 gold. Yeah, ludicrous amount…
However, the potential rewards were on par with the asking price so we can’t be to mad about it, although it’s still 30% more than one wing in expansion costs.

Heroic Brawl

A way to smorc your gold resources before the expansion


After, if, you opted into last weeks Brawl, you had to construct your own Standard format deck. But, for things to be even worse you could only use cards you had in your collection. So everyone that lacked in certain power cards was hindered from the get go. When you’re done with your ‘construction’ (that’s exactly the same as the one on ladder) you had to lock-in your deck (you couldn’t alter it after that stage). The only way to change some of the cards in your deck was to retire the whole run (making you loose your win streak – if you had any, and then pay the entrance fee again).
What followed the locking-in was same as in the Arena format. Your end goal was to achieve 12 wins. Maximum amount of losses is the same as in the Arena, 3. Every game you draw was counted like it never happened. After 3 losses or 12 wins, if you don’t retire that is, a reward panel would become active allowing you to reap the rewards.

Reward System

Heroic Brawl

Yay, you’re never gonna see this payoff!

The biggest complaint the players had was related to Heroic Brawl reward system. If you count in the asking price for 1 run, a better – more rewarding prize system was expected. Instead, we had pretty extreme reward scaling which is represented in the image bellow. It’s enough if you pay attention to 2, 3 or 4 wins payout. For an average number of victories and asking price that’s absurd. And the end game reward scaling is pretty stunning as well. The 11 wins run granted players extremely less than one with only 1 win more…

Heroic Brawl

I can’t even…

My thoughts

Looking back to all this I must say that I can only now see how idiotic this was. I did only 1 run (which I would never do again) and got 7-3 result (which was actually marginally profitable), but I do realize I was lucky as a number 7 and a white mouse together. In my eyes this was Blizzards attempt to drain players gold before the upcoming expansion, so that there is more real life money spent on packs.
I only hope that there weren’t many people falling for this bait. Although I did ran into 1 guy that used pretty gimmicky deck suggesting that he doesn’t have most of the Standard collection cards. I felt sorry for the fella but allowing him to win wasn’t even remotely on my mind as this Brawl did seem like the survival of the RNG-fittest. Even worse for this gamemode is the fact that the decks weren’t any different from the standard ladder ranked play. Tedious at the best…

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