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Hearthstone – Worst Meta Game Has Ever Seen

Hearthstone – Worst Meta Game Has Ever Seen

When did it all begin?

The answer is simple: since the release of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. The latest expansion brought so many overpowered and broken cards. So the game meta fell into critical condition. It’s unfortunate that the game has any meta in the first place. But that’s just something to be expected from a competitive multiplayer game. As it is something unavoidable we can always just hope that there’s some sort of diversity and space for card alteration in the meta. This was the case before MSoG was released. Yes, there were a lot of identical face Hunters and mid-range Shamans but the ladder overall wasn’t even close to predictable as it is nowadays.

All wrong about the current Ranked Play

I never thought I would wish for the meta decks that ruled before Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. But now I can easily say that I would go back to that state without any hesitation what so ever.
These days you’ve 3 main options for successful grinding trough ladder. Those being Pirate Warrior. Which represents main factor why I quit the game until something is done to that deck. Next to Pirate Warrior there’s Reno Warlock. Whose every card represents powerhouse, with some extra board clears added in the expansion. And last but not least there are multiple mid-range Shaman variations that are almost as strong as they were in last state of the game.
Right as you thought things couldn’t get any worse I’m here to tell that every type of non Reno control deck is completely dusted. The one and powerful control Warrior is no more viable at all as the aggro decks destroy him faster than ever. And every other control Jade deck plays with Warrior like a kid with a toy. So basically the way Hearthstone should be played, using your brain and not just by dragging the red arrow to hero’s face is non existing nowadays. There’s one Warrior deck which is only viable against full aggro decks, that’s of course a bit gimmicky Taunt (Wall) Warrior.

The main villains!

I already mentioned that there are too many cards the power creep other previously used cards. Making every deck that doesn’t have these power creeping cards for replacements throw their towel.
These are some of the cards every angry HS player points finger to:
Small-Time Buccanneer
Worst Meta Game Has Ever Seen
Just wow! How did anyone in charge of designing cards approve this little cancer of a card? I know that 1-2 mana cards are the biggest powerhouses in the game but this is just stunning…
Patches the Pirate
Worst Meta Game Has Ever Seen
Main reason this is arguably overpowered card is because Small-Time Buccanneer exists. Many classes struggle dealing 1 damage on turn 2 so the Patches can continuously chip off the hero health pool. Additionally promoting smorc type of play.
Jade Idol
Worst Meta Game Has Ever Seen
Jade Idol is on the list just because it brings a new mechanic (no fatigue) to the game. This completely destroys other control decks making Control Warrior and all other control decks surrender as soon as the game starts.
Dragonfire Potion
Worst Meta Game Has Ever Seen
The Priest did need a good board clear but this is just unheard of. Dragonfire potion skyrocketed helpless Priest from zero to Arena hero. Some fine tweaking is much needed in my honest opinion.

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