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Hitman Review

Hitman Review

Game Story overview

Hitman: this is the second released novel of the newly rebranded and expanded hitman universal novels; it records the life events of an agent with a code name, agent 47 that is outside his wildly successful video game series. The book works by switching authors between William Dietz and Raymond Benson. Raymond is more famous for his participation in writing in the James bond series although it was for a brief period of time. Raymond is quite a writer but some noticeable tics that he includes may make one get a different perception and interfere with the enjoyment of the characters.

Anyone with some prior contact with the franchise can tell that the plot follows the life of an artificially created assassin; agent 47. The genetically engineered person strives to find the true meaning of his life, he thus goes on a mission to where he fulfill his mission and purpose in life by killing and getting to be the world best killer. To make the issue much more difficult, the assassin is well protected and is generally very difficult to take down, thus posing as a threat to anyone who counters him. The assassins employers are international contract agency (ICA) and the handler; Diana Burnwood. Many may view this as good. However, the enemy is quite within and it’s portrayed as agent 47.

Hitman Agent 47


In this game, the main objective is to kill the assassins assigned target, (they are usually multiple and in other cases, you may have to kill extra persons as a bonus) the game gives the players different options to attaining the task. The assassin can be given the option of precise assassination or even slaughter without any consideration in an effort to achieve their target. The only drawback is that there are fewer rewards in terms of special weapons or even monetary bonuses when the player gets a better rank.

Additionally, the game works to see that the assassin who is able to eliminate the target with less alarm is awarded more handsomely. In the game, agent 47 is able to disguise himself as a variety of characters, be it a policeman, a waiter or even someone sent to do some repairs, this means that the task becomes much easy and fooling the enemies is much easier, thus they gain access to all restricted areas. In the game, the main focus of hit man is not to hide from the enemy; he works amongst them and genuinely initiates violence, with this, it becomes easy to open fire and achieve the target.

Looking at the game, it is evident that the player has limited maneuverability, one, he cannot jump, go over walls or even mantle up the ledges. Generally, the player is limited to a single plane in his movement; the player is presented with the opportunity to go to higher or lower places y using a ladder or even a staircase and elevators. By having the ability to go above the elevator, the player has the power to ambush the victim from above.

Another major feature in this game is having the tension meter; this is a detailed explanation that shows how much attention the player is getting from the public or even the authorities. For instance, if you are in a police uniform and you walk around when well dressed, no one will notice you, however, when you are dressed as a waiter but walk with some repair man’s tools, be sure that someone will notice you and warrant unneeded attention.

Another great requirement in this is that agent 47 has to hide any dead bodies; this is a deliberate effort to hide any evidence that may warrant unneeded attention. The hitman is needed to hide the dead bodies either in a trash bin or somewhere else. In his work, he can opt to assassinate the target without firing a single shot. Generally, the game aims to make the deaths look as natural as possible. Some tactics used include crushing the neck of the victim using weight during the morning workout; moreover, there is the option of rigging a grill so as to set the victim to be on fire. In the second skill, the need to kill without fire goes unabated. The silent assassin proved best with little or no shots and raises no alerts.

Assassination methods

Hitman Methods

There are myriad of ways in which the assassin can wipe out his targets, the use of firearms, unconventional objects, and other melee weapons. In the contracts of the hitman, weapons such as knives have the capacity to kill in more than one method. Forward stabs are the most common, other methods include horizontal slit of the throat, repeated stabs or even inserting the blade into the carotid artery.

Another perfect method used is the fiber wire, this is a very crucial tool that he carries in every mission that he goes and it’s seen to help bring great results within instances of his mission. Best of all, the weapon has the capacity to bypass metal detectors; you can now sense how helpful it is to him in his mission. To get a better assassin ranking, it is ideal when you kill only the targets assigned, to effectively do this, there is the option of using sedative syringes or even chloroform.

There is also the ability to add poison and other sedatives to food; this will go a long way in seeing that there is a less direct confrontation with the guards. More to this, there is the ability to hold the victim under small arms and use them as human shields, think of this as a great way to terminate your victim. In the killings, the assassin has the option of killing a witness before they are able to reach to the guard, however, this will still count and help to ruin their reputation, so in order to do this effectively, the assassin has to terminate the evidence life by way of accident. Generally, so many options are availed to kill the target.

Final thoughts

To get a full feel of how the game is, trying it out may prove to be a perfect way out, get to know the number of innocent lives lost.  Learn how to avert the deaths and the noble mission that the player has, to eliminate the target while bringing minimal effects on other players. Issues like the pill addiction and the lack of ability to control his anger have acted as a way to portray his image as being quite unreasonable. In a general thought, hitman is quite a great game, with a good character development, defined roles and rules and generally fun to participate in it. Although people may have issues with the roles that 47 play, he still remains to be the hero in this game.

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